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  1. igalbe

    after update

    hi make sure you have the last build and follow this steps: IB
  2. hi for me it's seems like erosion a drift in result's of sediment what could upon in NA rivers. cheers IB
  3. hi me the same problem was in the and after frustration I download via browser. cheers IB
  4. try to do this go to: ORBX\User Documents\Versions\ and delete FTX_AA_ORBXLIBS.TXT and then reinstall your orbxlibraries cheers IB
  5. try to uncheck the frozen surface in vector config. maybe it will do? cheers IB
  6. I don't know but I think that REX thinking that the next product sky force 3d will integrate the new system dynamically so the system will don't need you playing. and the clouds will be more realistic. cheers IB
  8. never mind I read in the soft cloud forum faq it's not needed this all the purpose cheers ib
  9. sorry for the ignorance in my install files there's 3 files 1-td4 enhance edition 2-integration tool 3-three files of soft clouds my question is do I need to uninstall the files of soft clouds now that I've the integrated version? PS download and integrated successfully look very nice after all those years with REX essential plus cheers IB
  10. hi I unzip with WinZip download by browser don't know how to use get right flash get cheers IB
  11. thanks hope I will settle my mind IB
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