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  1. Not that I'm aware of, has there been an update?
  2. I will go update the setting in manual mode but I can't help but see that the screenshot shows auto mode and still able to access the settings? How is this possible? Cheers
  3. Ah ok thanks I'll try this later
  4. If I am in auto mode I only get one screen with a few on/off settings. How do you get to the setting above when in auto mode? Where do I need to click? Cheers
  5. Cheers, no rush as I just disable smoothing and it's a great product. There are so many products and variations with these things, you can't possibly cover everything.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the auto mode changes the cloud size? So if I change the value - will auto override that or will it be retained indefinitely? Sorry for being a pain, I love EF but some elements i would like to to e down a bit. Cheers
  7. Hi, Here is a video of my issue... Thanks Jim
  8. Hi, So if I have automatic turned on, and I make adjustments in the mini UI, does that disable auto mode? So all I want to do is change the shadow intensity, so if I modify that and click save settings - how does auto mode deal with this? Does this mean auto mode will not be able to adjust all other options too? Thanks
  9. I'll see what I can do - would a gif be good enough?
  10. OK, so after further investigation I found that disabling the options 'Enable weather smoothing' makes the sun appear. As I am using Active Sky, this is supposed to be disabled right?? Also, I have 'Enable real-time weather data read' enabled - should I do this given I am using Active Sky?? Thanks, Jim
  11. Hi, When I turn on auto mode the sun disappears and I can only see the lens flare and light from the sun. Turning it on manual mode makes the sun appear again. Cheers, Jim
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