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  1. @gets Thanks for your reply. I'm kind of astounded that this now seems to be a widespread issue (my VM-findings tally with the suggestion). I'm also pretty sure that the data's out there to be had. Here's a lovely report from my 10 year old copy of Active Sky 6.5 (with an AIRAC 1608 flightplan, no less), generated earlier today: I'm grateful to the support folks at REX who offered help when my local resller's site crashed, but I'm genuinely surprised the same company knocks off for the weekend with a flight simulation weather system providing no weather for the bit the planes are mostly in; without addressing it, let alone fixing it. I'm just getting back into sim flying after a long absence, and recently I decided to take the P3D plunge in part because it has the potential to be so much more immersive, and also in part because some of my trusty old (mainly FS9) setup had issues - some add-ons' stub installs no longer worked, others had different problems of digital old age. Money's very tight as I'm recovering from a long term illness; so I have to spend as wisely as I can. I was looking for a good value weather system for P3D, which either with basic NOAA data or by being directly-readable would enable me to fly with Pro-ATC/X and navigation be correct. I used Active Sky all those years ago, so must admit to looking there first. AS16 looked great, but was a little beyond what I could in good conscience budget just at the moment; I considered getting ASN (as it's compatible with P3D and priced significantly lower), but thought I should look at the other options first. Initially I looked at FSRealWx Pro; and then I had a facepalm moment as I remembered REX Essential (I've been coveting REX4 & SC for some time, so had got to thinking of REX as the texture guys). When I read the product literature, I was positively bouncing off the walls; it sounded like my perfect package. I could use live data 'as is' and have weather exactly as reported, I could use the Wx Plus mode & smoothing features to round the rough edges we sometimes get because of the way the sim & its weather stations work; and on top of all that I could pull up weather I fancied from days in my diary, or even use random generation (as an 'upgraded' version of the sim's weather themes) to pick my own conditions, and all the while because Pro-ATC/X can read REX's MetarXML folder, in a way that would work correctly with ATC. Priced (including P3D rights) between FSRealWx Pro and ASN, with a pile of lovely textures included, the choice seemed obvious. If I'd to sum it up, I'd say I was buying a simple (as in uncomplicated, rather than basic) real-world weather application, with options that which might compromise 'true-to-life' accuracy, but would give a more pleasing and immersive simulation experience; with pick & mix weather from archive data & random themes, and environment texture upgrades as a very welcome bonus; all at a competitive price. My first gulp came when taxiing out my first test flight, and basically all the low clouds visible from the captain's seat vanished and were replaced with the same clouds, just in suddenly different spots in the sky. My impression of REXE+O as providing 'real weather, but simulated better' took a bit of a knock (though I understand SP4 aims to address this). I must say though, that days without winds & temperatures for the sky has probably killed any confidence I might have that the weather I'm expecting is what I'm flying in. Again, I'm grateful for the help I received from Reed & colleagues; and I'm still a fan of REX's head-and-shoulders-above texture upgrades, but I think my plan now will be saving for REX4 TD & Soft Clouds, driven by someone else's weather engine. Sincerely, Rob.
  2. I'm beginning to drive myself daft over this, now; and running out of things to try. I'm really suspicious of the database, probably because it's Microsoft Access type (which may be completely irrational - I'm MySQL biased), but also because I can't find a configuration which effects the situation, and I can't see it being an issue with the core REX code as one imagines there'd be more discussion about it. I wondered if perhaps bulking-up with Access runtimes might add or update something causing a headache; I've installed up to & including the 2013 version (2016 seemed overkill(?) and it's supermegabloatware); still no difference. Would I invalidate my key if I were to attempt installing REX in a virtual machine (with absolutely nothing else installed) to test weather download/reporting? Thanks & regards, Rob. ---------------------------- EDIT: I'm going to try in a VM, and if it kills my licence, so be it. I can't afford to burn even a modest investment, but I'm pretty satisfied there's not much else I can try at this stage.
  3. As it's out-of-hours now, I thought I'd see what else I could try. Alas no difference having updated to SP4 Beta 2.
  4. Hi, I've mentioned this in email with support about a download issue I had (from a reseller), but thought it might be worth posting in the forum for reference. I seem to be missing wind & temperatures aloft for large areas (I had thought this was a global issue, but I've since found a handful of points where there is data). I'm running REX3 Essential+ Overdrive w/ SP3 and the hotfix (ver 3.8.2014.1211), in Windows 7 (x64), installed to R:\Flight\REX..., run as admin. I'm aiming the weather at P3D v3.3.5, but not yet getting that far. I've tried with various options set (changing one at a time, restarting REX after each): Standard & WX Plus engine modes, smoothing enabled & disabled, real weather, VATSIM weather, live, archive (though I've since read in FAQ that archive reports don't retain aloft data (would temps be extrapolated to preserve roughly correct pressures at altitude?)), and most recently, random theme weather; in all circumstances I see little or no wind & temperature data above surface height. I'm wondering if perhaps I've got a database issue causing patchy weather data, since I noticed that as I generate or load flight plans, the numerical ID shown for waypoints in the Flight Planner summary doesn't reset - I'm prepared to be corrected (given that this is 99.9% hunch), but that doesn't seem like expected behaviour? I would think that it's only really useful to show a numerical ID to the user if it's to indicate sequence in the current plan; if waypoints are indexed for reasons of cached resolution, I can't see much need for me as the user to see it, but logically it doesn't seem to work that way, as the index isn't unique (i.e. if I load/generate a plan with 20 waypoints, and EGCC is the first; then load/generate another with EGCC as the first, the second time it'll be ID 21 (rather than showing 1 again)). Possible clue or red herring? I'd be eternally grateful for any advice. Regards, Rob. Example 1: 'Basic' settings - Engine: Standard, Data: Real/Live, Vis/Wind Smoothing: Disabled, flight plan generated using REX interface (i.e. with its own waypoint data). Example 2: Settings as above, flight plan generated by Pro-ATC/X from AIRAC 1608 airway route. I've lots more screenshots, but I'll spare you dear reader, for now! One other interesting example, I thought, was when I set-up a random weather theme around EGCC (in Wx Plus mode, no smoothing). I tried with REX generated and 'external' AIRAC 1608 airway plans, and the only points with weather aloft data were the same as in the examples above (respectively). -EDIT- P.S: Thinking it might be down to local data issues, I even tried looking for data at KJFK, and have seen nothing there. At time of writing, aviation-weather.gov has: FT 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000 24000 30000 34000 39000 JFK 2321 2719+15 2718+10 2823+06 2617-06 2520-18 292129 281238 221050
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