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  1. It just occurred to me that the dev status 'traffic lights' in the announcement block above might be [subconsciously] a little confusing... I've been quietly refreshing over the past couple of days (heh), and I don't know why, but I noticed myself reading more than one might imagine with colour codes. I think we've got one of those situations like the 'say the colour not the word' thing... BLUE RED GREEN I guess on the developer side it intuitively fits, but for users, it seems they're inverted? Red implies: Stop, no, not yet, hold it; Green suggests: Go, yes, come geddit! We've got green for 'in development' (which I realise means you're working on it, but for us it means there's no download), and red for 'released' (which of course is when there's a lovely new file for us)... I'm not even going to write a specific request that you might consider changing them, hopefully to demonstrate how absolutely not attached to the idea I am (I promise I'm not such a boob!); I guess I was just hanging around, refreshing, and found noticing weird enough to share Much love, Rob.
  2. REX3 Essential+ Overdrive, purchased from JustFlight.com, 2nd August 2016. Order No: JFL5616530787EF724E Thanks, Rob.
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