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  1. Yeah! I see your point, but I think that an announcement that there would not be a FSX version would have been appropriate and saved you a lot of disappointed simmers and us a lot grief
  2. OK I don't know what happened. I may have been doing something wrong but after the 6th try, it finally worked. Thanks
  3. NO . I am able to retrieve my serial number from my account and downloaded the software with no problem. but when I run rexinstaller.exe it ask for user name and email address and serial #. I copy and paste my serial # from my account and paste it in the s# box and it gives an error message " Invalid Serial Number" . If I'm not mistaken, there should be a separate Product activation key that goes in this box. It will not accept my serial # Please help Thanks
  4. I too am trying to reinstall REX Essentials + Overdrive and need the serial key for it. Purchased at the REX Store. Please help
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