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    Take a small look at what Environment Force is all about during an interview with AirdailyX. - Future in the Environment!
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    REX WORLDWIDE AIRPORTS HD - STATUS UPDATE: PRE-DEPLOYMENT PHASE 7/28/2018 - We are VERY excited to announce that we will be releasing Worldwide Airports Technical Update 3 on Wednesday, August 1st. This will be a mandatory update for all users of Worldwide Airports. This update will include the compatibility fix for P3D v4 +. The official fix list will be released on Monday. For more direct discussion follow us on our dedicated discord channel: https://discord.gg/2BvRRda
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    Allow me to address some of the points that have been brought up here - I know I can't necessarily address everything, since I am catching up on this thread after not seeing it for a while. The update is indeed much later than we would have liked. Honestly one of the primary delays was the Sky Force TU2, which also took far longer than expected due to having to rewrite the program, etc. Not to mention, as discussed before, that every texture had to be redone individually for P3D v4 compatibility. I am aware, as of course are Reed and Tim, that we have not always met our deadlines. We try to be transparent about what's going on and why it's taking longer, but many of the technical obstacles are protected by NDA so we have to be cryptic sometimes. It's not because we don't care about you, but we have to honor our agreements and protect our trade secrets. I am sure most of you can understand this. This is not to say we have not made mistakes. Could we have handled things differently? Sure. We live and learn, and we'll own up to our errors. We are always trying to improve our development, testing, and customer support procedures so we can get you a better product and a better experience. And we are committed to continuing to improve those things. Lastly, about the product itself: the required fixes truly are minor in scope. The bulk of the development work is done (the textures work), and we are testing now not only with our beta team but the Insider Program as well. We're hoping this may be the final build, provided nothing else comes up.
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    First, we hear our customers each time they express their frustration over delays and releases dates not being met. Let me remind everyone we are a small firm. We do not have 20+ developers working for us so we have to prioritize our work. Let me address Worldwide Airports: 1.) The original version for FSX, FSX Steam, and P3D 1 to 3 took 2 YEARS to develop. The product as it stands works for those sims. 2.) When P3D v4 was released we had to redo ALL the textures, which is the core of the product. So what you are talking about is redoing what 2 years to develop all over again. What that entails is fixing the texture, putting it into the sim and seeing if that fixed it. If not we have repeat that process until the texture is complete and ready. There are 15 GIGS of textures. That just doesn't happen overnight. Just as a reminder WE ARE NOT OBLIGATED to make a product work for the next simulator. There is no written law that states we have to support the next version of a simulator. This has been assumed and it is not right to place this demand on developers. In reality, we should charge a fee for the update and the man hours, but we are giving this as a FREE update to all customers. Where things stands now, we are about to finish the third cycle of beta testing. This included not just our beta team, but also our Insider Program. Provided there are no major issues our next step will be to prepare the product for deployment. Let me now address the delay in other products: The consistent updates to Prepar3D has put a lot of extra work on our team that was never there 5 years ago. Also, we originally only had 1 product to update in the past. Now we have: REX 4 Texture Direct REX 4 Soft Clouds REX 4 Weather Architect WX Advantage Radar REX Worldwide Airports REX Sky Force This doesn't include the new products we currently are developing. So having these many products to keep up to date with a small team can be quite a challenge. So some are asking why has it taken so long for SIMAIR and some other things to get done. It is because every time there is a change in a sim, each one of these products has to be re-tested. Then if something needs to be fixed we have to drop what we are working on and fix it. I am not writing this to sound like we are victims here, but to merely communicate our perspective. Our goal is to satisfy our customers, but understand we have limited resources and things cannot happen overnight.
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    REX WORLDWIDE AIRPORTS HD - STATUS UPDATE: DEBUG PHASE 6/27/2018 - The final testing cycle for Worldwide Airports will begin this Friday into next week. We should expect to release the final build to the public after this test.
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    This will be released in 2018.
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    To receive customer support and gain full access to the support forums, you must become a verified member. To become verified, you must REPLY with your REX order number and where you purchased REX. Please note that the verification process is NOT automated, and it may take up to 24 hours to complete your verification request. You will not receive support until you are a verified member. This topic is to be used for verification purposes only. Please do not add comments, support requests or reposts for verification, as they will be removed. DO NOT PLACE SERIAL NUMBERS OR DIRECT LINKS TO YOUR PRODUCT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ATTENTION GUESTS: If you do not have an account on the forum, you must first create one in order to post your REX product order information.
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    REX WORLDWIDE AIRPORTS HD - STATUS UPDATE: DEBUG PHASE 6/20/2018 - We had to make some modifications to the enhanced airport's textures for KSLC. We will be implementing these in the next build for testing. This should be our last testing cycle before release. We hope to have this build for testing available to the beta team by Friday or Monday.
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    Hi all Thanks for Sky force 3D Over the years I have had many weather add-ons and enjoyed all of them. However I feel Sky force 3D tops the lot. I don't usually use any live weather engine but the variety of clouds with SF3D is amazing. Thanks and keep up the good work. Bob
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    Guys complaining: go fly your sim. If you can't accept that updating to V4 is a time consuming endeavor, involving editing thousands of textures one by one and testing them in the sim, like REX has explained, then I suggest you start your own company and make your own fast-software. Sheesh. Or do you think it's more likely that REX don't care about the profit they would have made by now if they had been able to update to V4 already? If they haven't, then there must be a pretty good reason, "dontcha" think? Lets all be patient and enjoy our sims filled with REX beautiful cloudscapes.
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    Thought to check in on the SimAir threads to see if anything regarding this product would be posed after fsexpo, but the threads seem to be taken down. It would be disappointing as this product really could've added a lot to the environment of the simulator.
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    Silly I know. That song just popped in to my head when i started writing the title. Sincerely, thanks REX for your continued support of your customers through constant updates to your excellent products. It is much appreciated by many. Just recently we have received updates to Texture Direct, Sky Force 3D, Worldwide Airports, and now the WX Radar, and everything is working and looking great. Looking forward to your future developments. Cheers, Scott
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    Hi Rhobee, Thank you for contacting us, no worries. Sky Force and Worldwide Airports pretty much covers the spectrum, and is the latest and greatest of our products. However, there is one aspect of Texture Direct you would likely want to use.... the water features. In Texture Direct there is an options manager. De-select EVERYTHING except for water features. You will be good to go after that. Let me know if you need any further assistance. Cheers!
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    You are all very welcome! We want to do the best we can by you, our customers, and that will mean FREE updates for all our products for existing users!
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    'Thanks for all the fish'!!! Do you know something the rest of us don't know Scott?? (For those who do not know, that is what the dolphins said shortly before they abandoned the planet to the construction of the galactic bypass) Very appreciative but time to move on. Hopefully, you are staying with us on this fantastic flight sim world. Cheers!! ….. and have another Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.
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    If you use the product and you like it.
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    Hey I know skyforce has tornados but it will be awsome if there is waterspouts added also in the future
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    Victor - Please accept my apologies for the very late reply. Things have been very busy with work. As of right now Sky Force requires an active internet connection for Registration, 3D Cloud Model Sync, and the Weather Engine functions. Also, Sky Force is limited to one license per machine.
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    We are willing, as long as the developer of the aircraft is willing.
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    Hi LowFlyer. The reason you cannot post can be found in the forum directly above this forum and in RED letters. Here is a link to that forum.
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    Hi, yes it was our server. It's now fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Does REX SkyForce 3D for FSX and P3D (REX-150) replace REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition Bundle?
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    Order Number: FSS0562734
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    REX Worldwide Airports HD Order No: JFL68928197EF2976B5 Just Flight
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    Hi, Texture Direct - Flightsim Store - Order Number: FSS0394426 Weather Architect - Flightsim Store - Order Number: FSS0471493 Confirmed I was human on sign-up : Done CAPTCHA information confirmed on sign-up: Done Responded to your automated email message: Done Manually Verified Products: Done Biometric scans and family background check: In Progress
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