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    How To Use REX4 T.D. Textures And REX Essentials/Plus/OD As Your Weather Engine! 1st. Open REX4 >Themes>Weather Tab. type in the ICAO code for the Airport you want to depart from. Submit>Generate>Save>Name it>Install/OK This will allow REX4 T.D. to install the most appropriate Textures for these particular weather conditions. A Red box will open asking if you want to Fly Now click cancel and then click "Share" If you would like to share your Theme with the REX community then close REX4 T.D. 2nd. Open REX Essentials/Plus/OD at this point you can either - Create a Flight plan in REX Essentials/Plus/OD originating from the same AP you set to departing from in REX4 T.D. and load it into FSX or, Open REX Essentials/Plus/OD and click the Weather tab > Check Real Weather, Put in the same ICAO of the departing AP from REX4 T.D. and click "Fly Now" (DO NOT INSTALL ANY TEXTURES FROM REX Essentials /Plus/OD) You already have the new REX4 T.D. textures installed this would over ride that and install REX Essentials/Plus/OD textures. All you are wanting out of REX Essentials/Plus/OD at this point is to use it's weather engine for your flight. 3rd. You will follow the same procedure above using the "Community Themes" or make your own "Custom Texture Themes" To use the Community Themes Click on the number on the left side this will allow you to see what textures they used in their theme if you like it and want to use that theme then click "Install" and close REX4 T.D. If you don't like that one you can keep clicking on the numbers of each Theme until you find one that you like and want to use. When you do Click Install and close REX4 T.D. Guys I want to clear a few things up about this post, 1st. When you open REX3 DO NOT click on the "I Just Want To Fly" button on the main screen!!! If you do REX3 will immediately and automatically start generating and installing a random texture set that will override the set that you have installed. 2nd. All of the directions I listed above are assuming you want REX4 T.D. to create a random set of textures that best suits the "Real World Weather" for the AP your are departing from and for your flight. Once you have done that click Cancel and Close REX4. You would then open REX3 and choose weather, type in the same ICAO and click "Fly Now" this will let the REX3 weather engine maintain the "Real World Weather" for your flight that you just had REX4 randomly generate the best textures for. Where the confusion lies is here it seems. If you create a custom theme and load/install it into FSX from REX4 and you want to keep using YOUR theme you don't even have to open REX4 again until you want to load/install a new set of textures. The REX4 theme or textures that you have installed into FSX will remain in FSX until you change them to something new. Just as REX3 did. So lets say you have installed one of yours or one of the community texture themes and those are the ones you want to use, all you need to do is open REX3 and hit the "Fly Now" tab and go fly. REX3 will generate weather for your flight it just won't necessarily be "RWW" (what it is actually doing in that area of your flight real world) If you want "RWW" just open REX3 and click the weather tab and then type in the ICAO of the AP you want to depart from and let it load the weather then hit "Fly Now" Easy as pie!! To ensure REX3 does not install any textures you can go into the REX3 Options page and un-check all of the options there. I apologize if I created some confusion, But I just assumed that previous REX3/ESS.P+OD users would be familiar with loading "RWW" I hope this clears things up Cheers, James
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    Hi, I have read misleading information on forums and social media concerning Sky Force, from AVSIM and others. By disabling SF weather engine, ANY 3rd-party weather engine can use all contents of SF without limitation. Textures and all cloud models are 100% activated with full features, including, tornado, rain-shaft, roll clouds etc. The new cloud models are brand new cloud structures to reproduce the real size, heights and clouds types, which also fix the upside down textures often seen before SF was released. It is not true that the difference from default are only more fuller with more variations, these are all brand new model structures, developed close to the real formations, doubled the texture mapping for them which require the new SF cloud textures and we added many new types never done before, and this is only the start. SF cloud textures contain soft, medium and detailed edges for user taste. Environment Force will take advantage of SF with an API for real-time atmospheric changes and live texture injection. Our cloud texture sheets within the cloud files are mapped on the fly with different cloud types and different models. A static screenshot will never show any major differences (especially from looking up under the bases), since we double the mapping. SF is about immersion with different weather scenarios and situations, not just static examples. Basically with the Sky Force textures/cloud model structures/mapping/synching, you can experience endless variation and differences with varying metar on the fly. Each texture set is doubled for less repetition of clouds and adds more variation in any given realtime scene. Also, developing it in this way doesn't allow for the cloud bases to repeat endlessly in the distance. I hope this clears up any misleading information.
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    I would call that realistic enough.... No Envtex even touched here. Thats is only tomatoshade and Skyforce. Viola.
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    @Nyxx and @GEK_the_Reaper there is a bug with the cirrus in auto mode being fixed. So this will be fixed shortly.
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    To fix the monochrome aircraft issue please do the following: 1.) Please open Tomato-Shade and click on the Lighting ->Aircraft Lighting & saturation 2.) In the Saturation change the 1.0 to just 1 Per Chris O solution...
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    Poor FSX it is getting harder to make that BBQ pork chop look like a steak
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    REX Essential can be used in a client-server setup in a windows network. This will make it possible to use a client PC for REXE, while FSX is running on the server PC and thus keeping the REXE weather engine visible next to a full screen fsx setup. This topic will explain how to set up this configuration. REXE uses simconnect to communicate with FSX. The major part of the set up is based on the proper set up of simconnect over the network. To make this work, you have to make sure that you have both PC's in a working windows network environment. Read the related information from Microsoft how to accomplish that if you don't have a windows network yet. On the server you need a complete installation of FSX, at least with SP2 installed and properly working. This will guarantee that the needed version of simconnect is running on the server. REXE uses simconnect version 61242, which is installed automatically when FSX SP2 is installed on the server. You do need to know the IP address of the server. You also have to make sure that this address is static, so the configuration files on the server and the client are using the right address, even after a system restart of the server. The best way to accomplish this is creating a reserved IP address in the DHCP server you are using (most commonly you are using the router as DHCP server). It depends on your setup how to do this, read the instructions of the used dhcp server! To see your IP address, open the network settings of your server and check the details of the network connection you are using. Here you can find the current IP address of the server. You need the IP4 address. Make a note for later reference. Step by step guide 1. Install REXE on the client PC. This must be a complete install. Run the startup configuration. In the General Configuration, you must browse to the simulator folder location on the server via the windows network option in the dropdown box. REXE needs this location to properly configure. 2. In the Weather Engine Configuration uncheck the box for the "Enable auto-start the flight simulator" option 3. In the directory where you installed REXE on the client, you will find a file called "SImconnect.msi". Double click this file to install Simconnect on the client. 4. Open Notepad and copy paste this content: <start of copy> [simConnect] Protocol=IPv4 Address= *** This should be the IP address or name of the machine running FSX *** Port=6600 *** Feel free to change this pick a number beween 1025-65535 *** MaxReceiveSize=8192 DisableNagle=1 <end of copy> 5. save this file as "simconnect.cfg" in the documents folder of your user account. 6. on the server run the following: Start->Run->%appdata% <enter> this will open the appdata folder. Then navigate to the Microsoft/FSX folder Create a new text document called simconnect.xml Copy and paste the following text in <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252" ?> <SimBase.Document Type="SimConnect" version="1,0"> <Descr>SimConnect</Descr> <Filename>SimConnect.xml</Filename> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <SimConnect.Comm> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Protocol>IPv4</Protocol> <Scope>global</Scope> <Address>xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx</Address> *** This is the IP address of your server *** <Port>6600</Port> *** This port number must match the port specified earlier in your simconnect.cfg file *** <MaxClients>10</MaxClients> <MaxRecvSize>8192</MaxRecvSize> <DisableNagle>True</DisableNagle> </SimConnect.Comm> </SimBase.Document> Save the modified text file as simconnect.xml 7. All is done now, open FSX on the server and REXE on the client. Wait for the initial weather download to finish and click the "Fly Now" button. The Radar screen should appear. Start a flight in FSX and check the weather injection in FSX (green bar on top of the screen) and the proper location of the Aircraft on the Radar display. If you should have any problems with this set up, feel free to start a topic in this forum. We will try to get you going!
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    I thought I would post this because i am baffled. Not only by some of the performance issues raised here but with almost every addon I have. It is making me think that my system has some sort of black magic making it work. Now, I am not a frame rate hog. I don't care to get 50+ fps. For years now I have understood that when I go to an IMAX movie and come out hooting and hollering and high fiving everyone because it was the best cinematic experience I have ever beheld, I am watching 24 fps. That's it. 24. Not 30 or 60 but 24. So, I used Nvidia to clock my 49 inch Sanyo to 1080i at a 30 MHz refresh rate, vsynched P3D and locked frames at 30. My thought is that every ounce of GPU/CPU that I was trying to use to chase >30 frames was going to go to more wow factor in the game. In my case, with my black magic system I was right. Here are my specs I7 2600K 3.4 GHz CPU clocked to 4.3 I think. GPU....hold your breath...GTX670 I can't even remember who made it, but it was supposedly overclocked out of the box and I have not touched it (I like to fly not tweak) 16 GB Ram MB z68 Gen3 My settings for EF are simple. Everytime I have installed it I set the texture resolution to 1024 (clouds are supposed to be fuzzy) and run automode with Enable WxSmoothing and Real Time Data Read both OFF, everything else on. No other shader program. Here are my P3D settings and a snap of GPU and CPUz With this, no matter what plane I use and what addon airport I fly into and out of I get 23-30 frames, smooth. I have almost all of ORBX stuff, and Pilots Mesh. PMDG, Leonardo, Aerosoft Airbus, Captain Sim 757, Dash 8, QW787, AS CRJ etc. They all give me great results in the 23-30 fps range, more importantly SMOOTH. I know I need a new system, but I am in no hurry. Maybe I will pick up a new Jetline Systems show computer next year in Vegas. Also, as you can probably tell, I am no expert, nor try or want to be one, when I it comes to gaming systems. I do not tweak much if any at all. I concentrate on my in sim experience that is it.
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    Soon, within the next days. There will be an announcement today or tomorrow.
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    Yes this is correct. Think of EF as working on a different layer in addition to any other tweaking that has been done. Correct. If you have texture sync on in EF, it doesn't replace any textures within the simulators texture directory. We have proprietary methods that work outside that in order to not muck up your own choices. EF doesn't change your shader files, it does so via proprietary hooking methods that leave your shaders intact.
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    Bug identfied and being fixed.
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    Page 16 of the EF manual: IMPORTANT NOTE: You must always run Environment Force first before starting the flight simulator. I will now change that text in the manual to my above text so it's extremely clear. We will include in the next update. Thanks.
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    REX SKY FORCE 3D STATUS UPDATE: RELEASED BUILD: TECHNICAL UPDATE 2.2 DATE: 5/21/2019 Developer message: We have officially released Technical Update 2.2 for REX Sky Force 3D. If you have build 5.0.2019.0410 installed you can use the automatic update system within the application download and install the patch or navigate to the following forum link: Otherwise, all vendors have been sent the latest full build of 5.0.2019.0514. Please allow 24 hours for them to get the files updated.
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    Another great product REX team!
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    Yes, it is confusing many issues. As you can tell from BMW969s question above that there is still confusion. Also your answer can be confusing to someone who just got the product today. You say there are two parts to the application, then list THREE, even though you put two of them on one line. This is the cruxt of the issue. If General Settings controls the operation of both operating modes (manual AND automatic), then logically it should be accessible from both modes. You should not have to switch from one mode to another to make settings changes. In fact, the way the interface is laid out, it appears that the only setting used in AUTO mode is the act of selecting Automode, with the obvious exceptions of the sliders present on that screen, none of which have to do with texture resolution. In fact note on Page 16 of the manual under Automation Mode: "The elements that are controlled by Automation Mode are: Clouds, Visibility, Water, Lighting, and Textures. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not manually adjust any cloud parameters while in automation mode." Notice that Textures are listed as CONTOLLED by Automation Mode. Controlled means controlled to me. Notice also that we are warned in big, bold, RED letters to not adjust any cloud paremeters in automation mode. Now is cloud textures a cloud paremeter? I don't know, it could be. How can this cause problems? Let's say you have a lower end system and the program defaults to 4096 textures. You buy the software and load up all giddy to enjoy a flight with your new ennvironment only to be shocked, dismayed and pissed off about your new frame rates and jittering. You are running automode and can't see where to change the textures. The manual tells you basically NOT to change cloud parameters. So you jump to a forum of you choice and tell everyone how bad EF sucks. Or, you have a very high end system and the textures are defaulted to 512 and now you jump on a forum to complain about the sucky appearance of textures and how EF has ruined all the fun of SF. Or somewhere in between. If the issue is clear to the developers and beta team, that is GREAT. However that does not help the vast majority of people. Compile that with forcibly making statements like the number of parts to the application, then having the statement actually not be logically correct and asking a condensending question, only serves to piss people off. Now to finish the point. EF starts with a choice. I don't want to Tweak or I love to Tweak. Then come to find out that if you dont' want to tweak you have to go tweak to make basic changes to the I don't want to tweak mode. However the manual does not meantion that and seems to say that if you are on automode, teaking cloud parameters, including textures, is highly frowned upon. See the confusion?
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    Hi everyone I bought REX Env Force and I am very, very happy ! Its like I have a new simulator now... what an incredible job they do. Hope everybody get this product working right. My installation was like that : Dowloading REX Env Force. Restore my original shaders from PTA. Uninstall PTA. Repair my P3D client (with install_Client.msi) Install REX Env Force Set it in AUTOMATIC MODE Launch it Launch ASP4 Launch P3D Turn OFF HDR in sim and bim... just perfect realism with no more fps cost ! My rig : RYZEN 5 1600X GTX ROG STRIX 1070Ti 16 G0 RAM SSD 250 go SAMSUNG CH Product FlightSim Yoke Prepar3D 4.5 REX SKY FORCE ACTIVE SKY P3D4 GSX FSDG SENERY Sorry, English is not my natural language. Captain Leuyab
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    Just wanted to say a little thanks. Enjoying the new product very much. The lighting effects make the sim feel much more lifelike and the weather is so much more dynamic. I've just been sitting on stand at Manchester, awaiting my passengers to board, watching the cloud formations change. One minute white fluffy clouds, the next overcast! But it wasn't just suddenly overcast. It built up gradually. The sim feels much more alive. Thanks for a great product! Here are a few screenshots, from my first few flights.
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    After so much work, the team will be very happy to hear this! Thank you all for your kind words. It only gets better from here. Thank you all for your continued support.
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    I also agree. I restored the original shaders and installed Environment Force. No reinstallation of client, HDR is active. The first time I startet at my favorite airport LIRN, I was speechless. Totally different and more realistic. I have made several flights with FSLabs Buses now, never saw the same clouds and ambient lighting and also the water looks more realistic. No crashes. There are some minor glitches where the cockpit is too bright or there seems no haze. I will stay with Environment Force and happy with it. Maybe I am a fortunate one Kurt WIN10 Pro, GTX 1080, I-6700K, 32 GB Ram, SSD's, P3D V4.5, all the Orbx Global and European stuff, Vector, Real Traffic (PSXseecon)
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    By tweaking the BloomBlurSigma & ExposureKey in the Mini UI ( As the REX Team says) I was able to simply tone down the brightness to my flight Environment. While flying from Marble Canyon to Sedona and tweaked these two settings in flight with nice results for my liking anyway. Using AutoMode and PTA with REX Beautiful Drama preset . ActiveSky in use and of course SkyForce.
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    Just an update we are investigating further and we hope to have a patch out shortly. Thank you for your patience. Please understand that sometimes trying to make things work with other programs can be tricky.
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    WARNING – PLEASE READ FIRST BEFORE INSTALLATION This is the full version of REX Worldwide Airports. It will automatically uninstall that last version of Worldwide Airports if installed. Otherwise please uninstall all previous versions before installing this version. REQUIREMENTS FOR INSTALLATION 1. Active and valid serial key 2. Full build of REX Worldwide Airports HD DESCRIPTION OF SOFTWARE UPDATE IMPORTANT: This update is a comprehensive update that updates ALL builds of REX Worldwide Airports and is mandatory for ALL users. FIX ITEMS IN THIS BUILD FIX ITEMS Fixed - Theme saved without theme name validation during theme creation. Fixed - Clicking Airline hangar Install Now button caused all other textures to fail to install Fixed - Fuel truck sound missing in P3D v4.0, 4.1, 4.2 Fixed - Original model sounds not restoring Fixed - Medium hangar texture not installing when clicking Install Now button Fixed - Autostart of flight sim after theme installed Fixed - Wording of popup window during backup process of the original flight simulator files. Fixed - Thank you window registration process not showing. ADDITIONS Added - All new textures for support for P3Dv4+ Added - All new textures for Enhanced Airport KSLC for support for P3Dv4+ RECOMMENDATIONS BEFORE INSTALLATION Make sure your UAC (User Account Control) is set to never notify. Make your REX software has inbound/outbound permissions via your firewall software. Make your REX software has exclusion permissions set via your antivirus software. Make sure when you start your REX software your right-click on the REX icon and select “Run as Administrator”. ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE – FALSE REPORTS We take security seriously and all our systems are running the latest Windows updates as well as Malwarebytes software. All our systems are scanned regularly to prevent issues for our customers. If you receive a warning during the download or installation process of our software – this is what is called a “False Report”. Our software is safe, and we strongly recommend you disable your Antivirus software until the REX software has been installed. We also recommend you give ALL REX software “Exclusion” rights during operation. IMPORTANT: If you purchased or downloaded REX from a store that is not authorized by REX, you run the risk of running the software as it may have been tampered with. These are authorized distributors of REX Software: REX Store SimMarket FSPilotShop JustFlight Aerosoft PCAviator FlightSimStore DOWNLOAD AND INSTALLATION PROCESS STEP 1 - Uninstall ALL previously installed versions of REX Worldwide Airports. STEP 2 - Create a “TEMP” folder on your desktop. STEP 3 - Click the download link below and download the file into the “TEMP” folder you created on your desktop. STEP 4 - Right-click the ZIP file “rexwwa_20180725.zip” and unzip the files into your “TEMP” folder. STEP 5 - Right-click on the rexinstaller.exe and select “Run As Administrator” to start the installation process The final installed build should be: 5.1.2018.0725 DOWNLOAD FILES: https://1322686870.rsc.cdn77.org/patches/5.1.2018.0725/rexwwa_20180725.zip
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    Just to give a quick update on this. 1.) Our focus right now is getting things updated for P3Dv4. So other enhancements are on hold for now. 2.) We have BIG plans for REX Worldwide Airports to improve it even more in 2018.
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    REQUIRED STEPS BEFORE POSTING FOR SUPPORT HELP If you are having issues we ask that your review this document before you post within our support forum. This will help us to answer all questions/issues more effectively and rapidly. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!!! PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE POSTING A SUPPORT TOPIC To receive support and gain full access, you must become a VERIFIED member. In order to accomplish this, you must post your REX order number and where you purchased REX into the following thread: http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/36479-support-verification/&page=1 You will not receive support until you are a VERIFIED member. The verification topic is ONLY for verification purposes, so please don't add comments, support requests or reposts for verification, as they will be deleted immediately and without reply. ALWAYS INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION BELOW, PLACED INTO YOUR SIGNATURE. (Only those with the following criteria will be supplied with support first.) Operating system and version (32bit or 64bit)RAM memory sizeVideo card and memory sizeOverclocking?Total hard drive spaceUsing REX in a network or notWhich version of Flight Simulator installed (including service packs)Internet connection active or notWhich antivirus software runningWhether or not firewall runningWhether or not you are utilizing FSUIPCIf there are any error logs in the REX/ErrorLogs folder, make certain to include in your postIs UAC turned OFF in WindowsWhere is REX installedWhere is FSX installedDo you start REX by RIGHT CLICKING the exe file and selecting RUN AS ADMIN EACH time?What is your RATE AT WHICH WEATHER CHANGES OVER TIME set to in FS?Did you use a flightplan from REX when experiencing the error(s)?Did you make changes to the CONFIGURATION screen or are ALL the settings stock? PLEASE READ THE MANUAL. (We have found many of the issues on the support forum can be answered if the user reads the manual. We ask that you PLEASE take a few moments to review the manual before contacting support. If the manual does not help you resolve your issue, feel welcomed to add a support topic.) FULL VERSION INSTALLATION PROCEDURES BE SURE YOU INSTALL THE FULL VERSION OF YOUR REX PRODUCT OUTSIDE OF THE PROGRAM FILES/PROGRAM FILES (X86) FOLDER. (If you do this you will not be required to install REX as administrator.) IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU HAVE FSX / FS2004 / OR PREPAR3D INSTALLED OUTSIDE OF YOUR PROGRAM FILES/PROGRAM FILES (X86) FOLDERS. (We have found on some newer operating systems that you may need to run REX and/or your flight simulator as Administrator to make things operate correctly. We strongly recommend you re-install your flight simulator software outside of the Program Files location.) UPGRADE INSTALLATION PROCEDURES PLEASE VERIFY YOU ARE INSTALLING THE PROPER UPGRADE BEFORE INSTALLING IT. (Please verify your current build by going to the ABOUT window in your REX product.) WE RECOMMEND THAT IF YOU HAVE YOUR CURRENT VERSION OF REX INSTALLED IN THE PROGRAM FILES/PROGRAM FILES(X86) FOLDER THAT YOU UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL OUTSIDE OF THIS FOLDER PRIOR TO INSTALLING THE UPGRADE. (If you do this you will reduce the risk of potential issues. You will also not be required to run REX as administrator.) PLEASE FOLLOW THE UPGRADE PROCEDURES TO THE MARK. (Over half of the support issues lately in the forums have been caused by user error in regards to installing incorrectly. This can be a major cause for failure if the upgrade is not follow specifically.) OPERATIONS PROCEDURES MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TURNED OFF UAC (User Account Control) WITHIN YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM. (We have found this can prevent many REX processes from running properly.) MAKE SURE YOUR REX PRODUCT HAS INBOUND/OUTBOUND RIGHTS IN YOUR FIREWALL SOFTWARE. (REX products require the internet to operate. It is possible some firewall software may prevent REX from communicating with the internet.) MAKE SURE THAT REX HAS EXCLUSION RIGHTS IN YOUR ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE. (Some REX products are required to run .bat functions to convert images. These .bat files can often be construed by Antivirus software as malicious. If REX has not been given exclusion rights, then REX will be prevented from operating properly.) OVERCLOCKING YOUR SYSTEM. (We have often found that systems are overstressed by overclocking incorrectly. We have found that this can cause issues with REX operating properly with your flight simulator.) MAKE SURE FILE BACKUP SOFTWARE IS NOT OPERATING WHILE YOU ARE USING REX. (We have found some backup file software can lock files and cause REX to fail while operating. Please be sure that process is not operating while you are using REX.) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SET THE SIMULATION FOLDER CORRECTLY. (This means that in some versions of REX you need to browse to the main folder where the main simulator executable is locations such as: fsx.exe.) UNINSTALL / RE-INSTALL PROCEDURES MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR TEXTURES BEFORE YOU UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL REX. (Some REX products backup your textures before they change them. These back files can be found under the parent folder of where the REX product is installed in the THEMES/BACKUP/INITIAL BACKUP folder.) MAKE SURE YOU CREATE A CONFIGURATION SETTINGS BACKUP ACCOUNT BEFORE YOU UNINSTALL. (Some REX products offer the ability to back up your configuration settings. If you have already created an account, you do not need to create another one OR you may lose access to some of your profiles.) AFTER UNINSTALLING REX PLEASE RUN CCLEANER TO CORRECT ANY REGISTRY ITEMS. (Just like your hard drive, your registry can become fragmented. We strongly recommend CCLEANER to correct any registry issues you may have. Registry issues can cause software to not operate properly.) MAKE SURE THAT YOU RUN A SYSTEM DEFRAG AFTER YOU RE-INSTALL REX. (Because some REX products are so large, it can cause your hard drive to become fragmented. We strongly recommend that your immediately run a system defrag after you re-install.) NEVER PIGGYBACK ON OTHER SUPPORT TOPICS. (If you do your post will be removed. Piggybacking makes it extremely difficult to give support to the original poster.) DO NOT KEEP BUMPING YOUR POST SO THAT YOUR POST IS AHEAD OF EVERYONE ELSE. (If you do this you will be immediately banned. Our team is dedicated to answering everyone within a timely manner.) ONLY INCLUDE ITEMS FOR SUPPORT AND NOT PERSONAL OPINIONS OR SUGGESTIONS. (Your thoughts and suggestions ARE IMPORTANT TO US. However, we have an area for personal opinions and suggestions. This inhibits us to getting to you and others effectively. Support items that include suggestions and opinions will be removed.) PLEASE ALLOW 12 TO 24 HOURS BEFORE A TECHNICAL SPECIALIST RESPONDS TO YOUR TOPIC. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE REX GAME STUDIOS 800 # FOR SUPPORT. (Our company phone # is NOT a support hotline and not to be used for support.) PLEASE DO NOT USE PM’S FOR SUPPORT. (If you use our PM’s for support you will be told to use the support forum.) PLEASE BE SPECIFIC AND PRECISE ABOUT YOUR SUPPORT ITEM. (Although we understand details about a problem might be necessary at times, we ask that you try to keep it as specific as possible and not wordy. This is to your benefit in that we can promptly get to the issue.) IF ASKED TO EMAIL US DIRECTLY, PLEASE PROVIDE A LINK TO THE ORIGINAL SUPPORT TOPIC IN THE EMAIL. (This allows us to keep the topic updated with activity and to go back and resolve an issue.) ALL SUPPORT ITEMS THAT HAVE NOT HAD A RESPONSE FROM A CUSTOMER WITHIN 2 DAYS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY SET TO PENDING. ALL SUPPORT ITEMS THAT HAVE NOT HAD A RESPONSE FROM A CUSTOM WITHIN 10 DAYS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY SET TO RESOLVED AND CLOSED. (If for some reason you are not able to respond to our post within the allotted time, please PM us with a link of the post and we will re-open it.) BEFORE YOU ASK FOR SUPPORT WE ASK THAT YOU FIRST READ/REVIEW THE USER MANUAL. (Many of the support items asked in our forum can be easily answered by a simple review of the manual. If you ask a question in support that we know can be answered within the manual, do not be surprise OR offended if we direct you back to the manual.) WEATHER RELATED QUESTIONS MUST BE SUPPORTED WITH METAR DATA WITH DATE/TIME/LOCATION (ICAO). (It is impossible to answer weather related questions without the details. With the date, time, and location we can review our database to see what was being provided.) REMEMBER THIS IS A SIMULATOR AND NOT REAL LIFE. (There are MANY factors that could affect what you see within your flight simming experience that are out of our control. We are dependent upon 3rd parties to provide weather data. That data can sometimes be delayed or late. We have no control these other operations. Complaints about this will be immediately removed.)
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    It sounds like you don't have a cockpit. Having your flight begin with a blue REX configuration menu covering a sizeable proportion of the screen which requires you to find a mouse to dismiss is unnecessary and detracts from the flight experience. Imagine if other add-ons did the same thing as EF? You'd have the equivalent of taskbar of tiny icons spread across the screen and a swathe of menus obscuring the initial view.
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    1. EF is not a Weather Engine. Final result is Clear Skies with darkened environment. 2. REX Weather Sync is just a name in the sim. Means nothing unless SF is started. EF does not inject weather, it only uses it to adjust scene in the sim.
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    I've just installed new SF patch and i am really impressed again. There is no more transparent and strange "funny" looking clouds. Great work REX! You're the best.
  29. 2 points
    WARNING – PLEASE READ FIRST BEFORE INSTALLATION This is the full version of the WX Advantage Radar and includes all previous versions of the radar. It is recommended that you uninstall all previous versions before installing this version. REQUIREMENTS FOR INSTALLATION 1. Active and valid serial key 2. WX Advantage Radar DESCRIPTION OF SOFTWARE UPDATE This update is a comprehensive update that updates ALL versions of the WX Advantage Radar FIX ITEMS IN THIS BUILD Added – Support for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D 4.5, 4.5 Hotfix 1 RECOMMENDATIONS BEFORE INSTALLATION Make sure your UAC (User Account Control) is set never to notify. Make your REX software has inbound/outbound permissions via your firewall software. Make your REX software has exclusion permissions set via your antivirus software. Make sure when you start your REX software your right clicks on the REX icon and select “Run as Administrator.” ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE – FALSE REPORTS We take security seriously, and all our systems are running the latest Windows updates as well as Malwarebytes software. All our systems are scanned regularly to prevent issues for our customers. If you receive a warning during the download or installation process of our software – this is what is called a “False Report.” Our software is safe, and we strongly recommend you disable your Antivirus software until the REX software has been installed. We also recommend you give ALL REX software “Exclusion” rights during operation. IMPORTANT: If you purchased or download REX from a store that is not authorized by REX, you run the risk of running the software as it may have been tampered with. These are authorized distributors of REX Software: REX Store SimMarket FSPilotShop JustFlight DOWNLOAD AND INSTALLATION PROCESS STEP 1 - Uninstall ALL previously installed versions of WX Advantage Radar STEP 2 - Create a “TEMP” folder on your desktop. STEP 3 - Click the download link below and download the file into the “TEMP” folder you created on your desktop. STEP 4 - Right-click the ZIP file “wxradar_20195014.zip” and unzip the files into your “TEMP” folder. STEP 5 - Right-click on the wxinstaller.exe and select “Run As Administrator” to start the installation process The final installed build should be: 1.1.2019.5014 DOWNLOAD FILES: Click to download the WX Advantage Radar - Technical Update 7.0 IMPORTANT: This version is not recommended to be used with MilViz Aircraft that already have the radar embedded in their cockpit.
  30. 2 points
    I have the mini UI now. First time since I bought the software so the update fixed it. I'm able to enjoy all the features now. Thanks a lot!
  31. 2 points
    TBH I don't see any issues opening up the activation details again....It probably took you more time to write this post than to open up your email and type 'REX'. 😂
  32. 2 points
    Hi, I have the same problem interestingly enough, the only thing different is that I am not using EF. I have SF and AS only running and have a fresh install of P3d V4.51, I noticed the same behaviour on changing from FMS or indeed any other view and then returning to the cockpit. An initial very bright outlook which returns over a matter of a few seconds to normal. Could this be a P3D issue instead of EF or indeed SF ? As I say I dont even have EF installed, the only common is I am using the PMDG 747.
  33. 2 points
    For me, the update corrected my problems with over bearing bloom and water movement. The Shading is simply awesome for me Those were my only issues. I noticed the difference as soon as the sim started... put a smile on my face. I use SkyForce set in auto and Environment Force is set to auto both installed as stated in the manual
  34. 2 points
    Hello, just installed the update as advised and so far so perfect. In Auto mode without adjusting any slider. The issue of HDR on my side is been perfectly resolved. A flight from Mallorca to Malta Riga performs excellent. Thank you REX Team. George
  35. 2 points
    Always welcome and I’m giving you Guys 10 points of 10 for your Skyforce3D and Environmental Products. Georgios
  36. 2 points
    This is being fixed in next build. There will be a wave size in the in-sim menu to change the speed. Thanks, Federico
  37. 2 points
    Jup, could be right :-) Im more and more impressed. Just did Anchorage arrival, was amazing
  38. 2 points
    Both seems to work. Yesterday on those pics above it was off in sim (besides the first 2, there i had it on). And today on same flight from here (just other time) i have it off in the miniUI. See pics below. Everything standard today, didnt load stats.
  39. 2 points
    Yes! The EF really makes the difference😃! Before and after picture added below.
  40. 2 points
    Hello all, I'm not sure where this topic would fit but wanted to give you some insights of my simming days after the bundle purchase of REX EF and SF (and those days weren't good). Foreword: 1. I always liked REX textures and find SF textures again beautiful! 2. I had a clean P3Dv4.5 installation reverted back to v4.4 client only due to the performance issue. 3. Did not had any shader Apps in use at the time I went for EF and SF Since the purchase of the bundle, I managed to do ONLY ONE flight at dawn. I was impressed about the look of my sim which obviously did not show the exagerated bloom. The day I've completed the flight looked like a fair weather theme from P3D. Of course I was using Active Sky but the weather was generaly good. The next day I wanted to start my next flight during daytime. It's then when the first problems started: 1. The Bloom! Since "The Bloom" happened I spent all of my time looking for answers: switching from forum to forum, trying combination of fixes, switching HDR On/Off...etc. 2. The Cirrus! There are two problems regarding Cirrus clouds: a) they pop in and out while panning and b) they look like a narrow repeated pattern in my sky (this happens only when running EF. Running SF without EF, the Cirrus layer appears normal) 3. The Popping. Cloud popping seems worse when using EF and SF in combo even with all "smoothing" settings turned on. Had cloud popping before EF and SF (means with ASCA) but they happened only when panning towards a new view (so to look e.g outside the left window of the cockpit). Looking straight foreward, cloud poppings did not realy occure... 4. The Fog. The fog behaves very strange near ground on my machine. It looks like the older clipping view issue where the visibility clears up at a fixed range in front of the ACFT during flight. It's like a sharp edge between low vis and high vis clearing up the terrain as moving foreward. I've seen this in the releases of Dovetail Flight Sim World...oh God was that annoying. Guys...it seems like you pushed the last releases way to soon. I held off from SF purchase when it was released, due to the reported issues. It took some Tech Updates to get it somehow stable. I can't tell if the product is stable today since it hasn't been long since I purchased it. I got EF out of curiosity and IMHO, it is again far far away from a stable product. As I said, since the purchase of the bundle it has been a continous agony of troubleshooting. I'm not happy at all at this time. * Above Strikethrough edited by OP* Issue No.4 seems erroneusly reported by me as beeing an EF issue since the sim shows the same behaviour without EF or SF (it's a little less obious but that could be caused by different aspects). It was only fair for me to strike that point out of my negative report.
  41. 2 points
    This method just doesn't work for HDR, which is always on, no matter what you save. It remains only off, when you dont close EF in between. After a reboot, it is always on, even with the new Mini Ui save last setting. I don't get it, what is so hard, to let it remained off, for user who prefer this. It is really anyoing I must say...
  42. 2 points
    That is my question too. I prefer Automated Mode in EF and I have SF3D as well as Active Sky Weather. No other shader mods. I've set HDR on in P3D, and thus HDR is active in EF too. To my understanding HDR settings in P3D don't play any role as they are overruled in EF. Is this right? Some light effects appear too bright, that's why I have adjusted some settings in EF HDR (e.g."exposure key"). Unfortunately I have to do these adjustments each time when I load P3D. Why can't EF remember my settings? I don't want to tweak. I want to fly in "realistic" weather dependent environment. That's all what I want.
  43. 2 points
    In my opinion, everybody should forget ALL previous tweakers cause REX Env Force does that perfectly and automaticly. Maybe one day we will get a "all-in-one" software : REX FORCE 6. :-) Good work REX TEAM and thanks to give us the best. Captain Leuyab
  44. 2 points
    We have identified the Tomato shade bug. Now: for PTA users (without Tomato Shade), that have problem with gray Panels - can you post your ini files? Also, let me know if you have v4.4 or v4.5 Thanks Federico
  45. 2 points
    @Vasily To explain a bit more, if "Enable real-time weather data read" is turned ON, EF app will connect to REX server and retrieve latest/current metar data from there. If "Enable real-time weather data read" is OFF, then EF will pull data from the sim (and sim will have weather pushed by AS or other engine) I would not recommend having 2 sources of truth for the same thing which is weather data here. AS and REX have their own weather databases and we don't know how they are processing it. So data set for given station could be different at a given point of time. Difference is not big usually, but for short-living phenomenon like thunderstorm this may be important. Moreover, they will be different if you use custom or historic weather. In my opinion, in this case it is better to turn this option OFF and relay on weather supplied by AS to the sim. Now if you use SF as an engine, this is different. In this case this is the same dataset (same data on REX server), so you may leave this option turned ON.
  46. 2 points
    Hi, There are a number of airports within the simulator that were originally developed containing custom terminal graphics. Although these airports will now globally benefit from REX Worldwide Airports HD, some terminal textures will not be affected. We are re-developing these airports with proper detail and customized textures throughout, and as they become available we will update this area. The following is a list of Airports that the original ACES team have pseudo-improved and are called 'detailed' airports in the original simulator release. These airports are basically custom along with default graphic elements, meaning that Worldwide Airports will only have an affect on the parts of these airports that weren't customized. We are working on bettering them all, and you can read more about these here. EHAM PANC NZAA ZBAA KBOS KORD EKCH KDFW KDEN KDTW EDDF EFHF VHHH KFFA KLAS EGGL KLAX LEMD MMMX KMIA KMSP RJAA KJFK KOSH ENGM LFPG KPHX SBGL LIRF KSLC KSEA KSTL TNCM ESSA YSSY RCTP CYYA CYVR KDCA
  47. 2 points
    Hi Anthony, Apologies for the late reply! The update does not require a significant testing period, so I doubt that we will be releasing to the Insider Program. It should not be too long now.
  48. 2 points
    And we are trying to make sure it won't stop working when we release it
  49. 2 points
    Hi everyone, PLEASE NOTE: We have now released an update to Texture Direct that integrates the Soft Clouds textures into Texture Direct. While the instructions below still work, we recommend downloading the integrated package as it provides a more seamless experience. Download here: http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32952-rex-4-texture-direct-soft-clouds-integration/ If you experience any issues with these instructions, please post them within this thread rather than opening a new one. Basically, to preface, here is what we are going to do: disable the low-level cloud entries within Texture Direct or Essentials, which will allow textures to be installed by either program without overriding each other's textures. Any instructions that apply to Texture Direct will be in blue, and Essentials instructions will be in green. This is to help you find the instructions you need. To use REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft clouds, follow the instructions directly below. If you are using Essentials as your weather engine, more steps will be listed below for you. For Essentials-ONLY instructions, scroll to the bottom of this post (where it states For those who ONLY have Essentials (NO TEXTURE DIRECT)). 1. First, go into Texture Direct, go to the Options manager (the wrench icon in the top right corner), and de-select Low Level Clouds listed on the left. 2. Install textures from EITHER Texture Direct or Soft Clouds (your choice), and once installed, click Cancel in the dialog box to launch the flight simulator. 3. Next install textures from the other program (depending on which you chose first), and if you don't have any other add-ons like REX Essentials to configure, then you can click OK to launch the flight simulator. If you have more to do, click Cancel. 4. FOR ESSENTIALS USERS: Click Cancel after following step 3, launch Essentials, and click the Weather tab. Once you set up your weather scenario, you can click Fly Now. For those who ONLY have Essentials (NO TEXTURE DIRECT): 1. Open Essentials, go to the Options tab, and deselect Cumulus clouds. 2. Click on the Textures tab, and choose the textures you want in each category (or choose a theme) and install them. You can leave Essentials open at this point (or minimize it). 3. Open Soft Clouds, and choose the textures you want. After installing them, click Cancel in the pop-up to launch your simulator. Close Soft Clouds. 4. Go into Essentials, click on the Weather tab, and set up your weather scenario. After doing so, you can click Fly Now. Hope this helps! Again post all questions below.
  50. 2 points
    We are going to build a different installer method for this. It appears that despite our beta testing of this our process of using the ClickOnce method of installation is not working properly for everyone. We will issue the new installer first thing Monday.
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