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    When I load the Milviz C310R I get the warning mv_wx.dll incompatible with this simulator. When I press OK on the warning dialog box the aircraft and wx radar continues to load OK. Using FSX SE. Any help appreciated.
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    Let's continue this in private mail. Please send me a PM via our forum and I will take care of this.
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    Order reference # DUYJWQSWA . Brought from the REX Store. REX Worldwide Airports HD and REX 4 - Texture Direct (with Soft Clouds) .
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    Hello, I have enjoyed your products for many years, and would like to give back. I am a retired U.S. Army Aviation Soldier of 23 years and over 5600 flight hours. I have lots of time to assist and help improve the products i have grown to love over the years. I would like to be apart of your beta testing team. I have been flying online simulation for 10 years. I currently am running FSW, P3DV4, and X-Plane 11. I am one of the founders of FsFlyboys.com an online flight sim community of 3500 members. The release of the 64 bit platforms have put our community on hold, as we continue to work at ways to fly together. Please consider me for the beta testing team. I thank you for your time, continued support, and consideration. v/r Chief Jason
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    I purchased the REX texture addon for FSX Steam Edition and it does not run. I get the System.Data.SqlLite error that Ive seen other folks posting about. I have tried installing SQLlite packages to no avail. Steam will not refund me the cost of the addon since I spent well over two hours trying to get it to run. Help?
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    please help, I cant find the link anywhere to upgrade. The newest version of Latitude is 1.3.0. Functionality may be degraded with version 1.1.2. Please update your copy.
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    Dear team I am running Prepare3D Pro v3.4.14.18870 (bought 2 weeks ago), successfully installed on Win10/16GB. Today I bought REX Essentiell Plus Overdrive SP3 + Prepare3d Single fee. I also watched your corresponding Prepare3d installation video several times on you tube, set the Prepare3D path properly etc. BUTI still have NO INTERACTION WiTH PREP3D after launching it from REX. i.e. It always stays the same start up situation. What makes me wonder, is that REX still says in the Textures menu "You cannot install textures into Prepare3D until you have a valid licence key installed" BUT In my REX window header stands "licenced for FX and Prepare3D", could pls verify at your end if there is an activation problem ? Or do I need a higher REX version for this brandnew Prepare3D Pro v3.4.14.18870 (SimConnect I haven't got the faintest ideal where to start with given this situation. Many thanks Helmut - verified REX user
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    trying install airport hd,it say need boottraper can you help?
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    Problem with REX 4 Weather When I try to load the program I get a message I have to upgrade which I try to do by pressing OK. Thereafter nothing happens except that I get a message reading "This installation package could not be opened. Verify hat the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package" Frankly I have no idea how to check the things they mention so what do I do next.
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    Hello Cannot install REX 4 Texture Direct because: Windows cannot find 'C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\REX-120D\setup.exe' Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. Placed and unzipped download in one folder on desktop. Then did another download. Placed and unzipped in one folder on C: drive. C:\REX failed again: Windows cannot find 'C:\REX\REX-120D\setup.exe' Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. UAC off All times Rt clicked and ran as admin The download contents: 4 zipped files zipRex-120A, zipRex-120B ,zipRex-120C, zipRex-120D REX-120A rextd_sp6_hotfix3_20160622.msi / Type Windows Installer / Size 460,800 KB rextd1.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB rextd2.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB rextd3.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB rextd4.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB REX-120B rextd5.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB rextd6.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB rextd7.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB rextd8.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB REX-120C rextd9.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB rextd10.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB rextd11.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB rextd12.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB rextd17.cab Cabinet File 196,614 KB REX-120D rextd13.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB rextd14.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB rextd15.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB rextd16.cab Cabinet File 460,800 KB setup.exe Application 460,800 KB Did 3 different downloads used Goggle Chrome download. Tried other download programs. Tried download with FlashGet3. Goggle shut it down malicious software. Tried GetRight in windows explorer. Did not work. Tried it twice with GetRight. I downloaded GetRight program and installed,uninstalled, installed again. It would never take over download. It was enabled. Tried Internet Download Manager "one" of the four files would take 2 and a half hours. I could download all 4 files on Goggle Chrome in 2 hours. So aborted download. Unnistalled IDM. An IT Pro I know said Goggle Chrome has the best servers (ie YouTube) and all they use is Goggle Chrome for downloads; fast, efficient, no problems. On seperate downloads I unzipped with 7-Zip and on one I used WinZip, same failure. Time spent 20 hours in trying to make it work and Goggling to find answer. Yes I looked on REX forum. To show I still have faith, I just went to buy REX Weather Architect. Sat 7/9 My luck sale over. Verification: FS pilotshop- Real Environment Extreme - REX4 Texture Direct Order #804273 (Completed) Order Date: Sunday 03 July, 2016 REX - Soft Clouds for FSX & P3D Order #744694 (Completed) Order Date: Sunday 06 December, 2015 The FlightSim Store Order Number: 41243 REX - Real Environment Xtreme v2.0 (REX-001) Order Number: FSS0041243 Order Date: 2009-11-05 Real Environment Xtreme OverDrive for FSX (REX-005) Order Number: 80296 John T-38
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    Hi, I got warning error :"MV_WX.dll incompatible with simulator" and re installed it several times but still failed. I tried to search it via forums and can't find anything . I am using windows 10. I bought the WX Advantage Radar Set up the other days. Please help me. I am deaf so please email me. Appreciate if you can tell me how to do it. Thanks. James DeMers
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    Reed, Did something happen with the Weather Force Development sir. I don't see it on the forum anymore.
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    Hi, can someone help me. I purchased and downloaded REX Soft Clouds version 4.2.2015.1002. I then installed it on my computer, c:\REX Soft Clouds. It installed, but when I open the exe file as administrator and it does open but then if I click on install or check updates, the software crashes. I get the following message " REX 4- soft clouds has stopped working, a problem caused the program to stop working....... Mike
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    How can I ghet updates for REX Essential
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    want to upgrade to the FSX version of REX is there anyway?
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    Hi, I purchased my license key for 4.99$ succesfully in order to load textures into Prepar3D v4, but I still get the message, that I can't install my textures into P3D until I have a valid licence key. How do I fix it? This is what I tried so far: I tried to uninstall REX, delete all the folders and ran a software, that cleans everything including leftover folders. (Winzip System utilize suite) as mentioned here in the following steps: Then I installed the newest version of REX Essential + Overdrive again and unfortunately my license key was gone and I don't want to buy it again. I've done a lot of research on how to re-activate my license key and found this topic: Re-Activation didn't help nor any of the links. Thank you very much in advance. Product Details: Product: REX Essential Plus Overdrive (Build 3.8.2014.1126) Order number: UHABBHSPN Purchase: Purchased through REX Game Studios Kind regards Simon
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    Please save my son Alfie by allowing him to legally use medical cannabis! https://t.co/p8pzbENAA2 via @UKChange
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    @twitter one yelps and goes crunch when you chew them - depending on which one you buy
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