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    REX SKY FORCE STATUS UPDATE: DEVELOPMENT BUILD: Technical Update 2.1, Creative Update 1 DATE: 1/14/2018 STATUS: Technical Update 2.1 We are progressing in our development. We hope to be releasing several unit tests of Technical Update 2.1 to the Insider Program as well as our Quality Assurance Team within the next several days. Create Update 1 This update is progressing along. We have some really cool stuff we are working on. We look forward to sharing once we get Technical Update 2.1 released. NEXT UPDATE: MONDAY, JANUARY 28 , 2019
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    REX ENVIRONMENT FORCE STATUS UPDATE: DEBUG PHASE BUILD: Release Build DATE: 12/18/2018 STATUS: We completed the Delta Cycle of testing and we still had several issues to resolve. However, the good news is our fix list is getting significantly less and less. We will be starting Echo Cycle this week which will go throughout the holiday season. We were hoping for a release before Christmas, but that does not feasible at this time. NEXT UPDATE: FRIDAY, JANUARY 11 , 2019
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    Take a small look at what Environment Force is all about during an interview with AirdailyX. - Future in the Environment!
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    REX ENVIRONMENT FORCE STATUS UPDATE: DEBUG PHASE BUILD: Release Build DATE: 1/14/2018 STATUS: The Echo cycle of testing has been completed and results of tests are better. However, we are still fine tuning our automation portion of the application. There were a few flow changes we are making as well. We plan to start Foxtrot cycle this week. NEXT UPDATE: MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2018
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    REX PRODUCTS - PREPAR3D V4.4 COMPATIBILITY CHART The following REX products are compatible with PREPAR3D v4.4: REX 5 - Sky Force - YES REX 5 - Worldwide Airports - YES REX 4 - Texture Direct Enhanced Edition - YES REX 4 - Soft Clouds - YES REX 4 - Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition - YES REX/MilViz WX Advantage Radar - YES
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    Hopefully a release announcement... Did you actually realized that with this you'll get A LOT of money from P3D users, 'couse there's still no FSPassengers for v4? But presto, presto... users will buy the one that will come out first.....
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    Hi @rstough ! When will the update be released ? Thanks a lot!
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    This is not a wide-spread issue for all, however it's being looked at for the upcoming update. Again, not a wide-spread issue for all and is being looked at for the upcoming update. We are incorporating Weather Force INTO Sky Force for free which accomplishes smooth weather updates. But you already knew this. Not a wide-spread issue, and we're still looking into this. If we can track it down, we will include it in the upcoming update. Sorry, but this is NOT a valid argument. Especially considering the quality of our content. This has been a KNOWN issue since FSX came on the scene, as the sim engine runs multiple rendering passes during these times of days. I have already discussed this with you. One thing to try is setting TRANSLUCENT_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE to 256 in the Prepar3D.cfg file to see if this helps.
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    I know guys that you are working in Environment Force but i think most of the user they are still having problems with Sky force. I think you should focus in WeatherForce and technical updates for SkyForce, otherwise when you release Enviroment Force we will continue with most of the following problems: 1.- Environmental Desynchronization. 2.- Visibility above 30000FT. 3.- Just One Weather Engine Injection. 4.- No Smooth Transitions During Weather Updates 5.- Still Problem with HDD Writting. 6.- Clouds bad pixelated. 7.- Heavy hitting FPS texture at Dawn and Dust. Regards.
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    Could you stop your Blog spamming, please?
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    Still waiting for the technical update 2.1 for insider program !!!!!
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    Hi Wain, We are looking into doing this for an upcoming update. If you're happy with what you currently have installed, it's not necessary to install textures and/or models each time you fly.
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    That is funny. It just helps us keep better track of our testing cycles. If we get to Z then well we will start with numbers. LOL!
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    The alphabet is still long, yet not infinite
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    We are willing, as long as the developer of the aircraft is willing.
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