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    Page 16 of the EF manual: IMPORTANT NOTE: You must always run Environment Force first before starting the flight simulator. I will now change that text in the manual to my above text so it's extremely clear. We will include in the next update. Thanks.
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    REX SKY FORCE 3D STATUS UPDATE: RELEASED BUILD: TECHNICAL UPDATE 2.2 DATE: 5/21/2019 Developer message: We have officially released Technical Update 2.2 for REX Sky Force 3D. If you have build 5.0.2019.0410 installed you can use the automatic update system within the application download and install the patch or navigate to the following forum link: Otherwise, all vendors have been sent the latest full build of 5.0.2019.0514. Please allow 24 hours for them to get the files updated.
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    Hi everyone I bought REX Env Force and I am very, very happy ! Its like I have a new simulator now... what an incredible job they do. Hope everybody get this product working right. My installation was like that : Dowloading REX Env Force. Restore my original shaders from PTA. Uninstall PTA. Repair my P3D client (with install_Client.msi) Install REX Env Force Set it in AUTOMATIC MODE Launch it Launch ASP4 Launch P3D Turn OFF HDR in sim and bim... just perfect realism with no more fps cost ! My rig : RYZEN 5 1600X GTX ROG STRIX 1070Ti 16 G0 RAM SSD 250 go SAMSUNG CH Product FlightSim Yoke Prepar3D 4.5 REX SKY FORCE ACTIVE SKY P3D4 GSX FSDG SENERY Sorry, English is not my natural language. Captain Leuyab
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    I also agree. I restored the original shaders and installed Environment Force. No reinstallation of client, HDR is active. The first time I startet at my favorite airport LIRN, I was speechless. Totally different and more realistic. I have made several flights with FSLabs Buses now, never saw the same clouds and ambient lighting and also the water looks more realistic. No crashes. There are some minor glitches where the cockpit is too bright or there seems no haze. I will stay with Environment Force and happy with it. Maybe I am a fortunate one Kurt WIN10 Pro, GTX 1080, I-6700K, 32 GB Ram, SSD's, P3D V4.5, all the Orbx Global and European stuff, Vector, Real Traffic (PSXseecon)
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    I have the mini UI now. First time since I bought the software so the update fixed it. I'm able to enjoy all the features now. Thanks a lot!
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    TBH I don't see any issues opening up the activation details again....It probably took you more time to write this post than to open up your email and type 'REX'. 😂
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    Hi, I have the same problem interestingly enough, the only thing different is that I am not using EF. I have SF and AS only running and have a fresh install of P3d V4.51, I noticed the same behaviour on changing from FMS or indeed any other view and then returning to the cockpit. An initial very bright outlook which returns over a matter of a few seconds to normal. Could this be a P3D issue instead of EF or indeed SF ? As I say I dont even have EF installed, the only common is I am using the PMDG 747.
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    For me, the update corrected my problems with over bearing bloom and water movement. The Shading is simply awesome for me Those were my only issues. I noticed the difference as soon as the sim started... put a smile on my face. I use SkyForce set in auto and Environment Force is set to auto both installed as stated in the manual
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    Both seems to work. Yesterday on those pics above it was off in sim (besides the first 2, there i had it on). And today on same flight from here (just other time) i have it off in the miniUI. See pics below. Everything standard today, didnt load stats.
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    The release is soon, we are trying to squeeze some last minute fixes. Federico
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    That is my question too. I prefer Automated Mode in EF and I have SF3D as well as Active Sky Weather. No other shader mods. I've set HDR on in P3D, and thus HDR is active in EF too. To my understanding HDR settings in P3D don't play any role as they are overruled in EF. Is this right? Some light effects appear too bright, that's why I have adjusted some settings in EF HDR (e.g."exposure key"). Unfortunately I have to do these adjustments each time when I load P3D. Why can't EF remember my settings? I don't want to tweak. I want to fly in "realistic" weather dependent environment. That's all what I want.
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    During this flight out of LEMG, inbound Luton(EGGW), I have just experienced the BEST cloud cover, thunder, lightening(sheet and Fork), I've every seen in my SIM for the last 20+years...first class. I'm just using SF+EF. The above pictures do not do it justice to be honest...the SIm looks way better
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    Yep, another BIG thumbs up to the devs and support staff. I also took a FSL A320 for a couple of flights and a combination of real weather injects and environment colours/lighting/shades left me absolutely speechless. Thanks REX team! Cheers, Matej
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    @Vasily To explain a bit more, if "Enable real-time weather data read" is turned ON, EF app will connect to REX server and retrieve latest/current metar data from there. If "Enable real-time weather data read" is OFF, then EF will pull data from the sim (and sim will have weather pushed by AS or other engine) I would not recommend having 2 sources of truth for the same thing which is weather data here. AS and REX have their own weather databases and we don't know how they are processing it. So data set for given station could be different at a given point of time. Difference is not big usually, but for short-living phenomenon like thunderstorm this may be important. Moreover, they will be different if you use custom or historic weather. In my opinion, in this case it is better to turn this option OFF and relay on weather supplied by AS to the sim. Now if you use SF as an engine, this is different. In this case this is the same dataset (same data on REX server), so you may leave this option turned ON.
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    This item has been marked as a fix item for the next patch.
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    On the Mini UI there is a Save button and it also should have an automatic save session option that defaults on for when you start the sim again with EF enabled.
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    Thank you for this information, @timest999 . Randy
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    I completed a second flight yesterday without any problems. Perhaps the problem was a one time thing.
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    I'll try that again. That did it.
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    So I just tried this in manual mode and it seems to be working correctly again. Frames bouncing between 45-55 with cloudy/TS skies. While still running the sim, I switched back to Auto mode and the frames stayed the same normal rate. Just shutdown the sim, switched EF to Auto mode and started the sim back up. The frames are still back to normal. It seems to be resolved for now. Going to do a flight and see how it goes. I'll keep you updated. Thanks!
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    I received a response on this one a little while ago, confirming my suspicion that this is indeed a false positive detection. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing but when I worked in a technical environment, one of the areas I covered for my company was virus detection. I had already told myself that it was 99% likely to be Bitdefender being over cautious, but with my old hat on, seeing an alert as specific as that urged caution. I'd rather wait a little while to get an all clear from the supplier, than face who knows how long undoing the damage of an infection! Anyways, I deleted quarantined instances of the download, started afresh, and the update has applied without any obvious issues. Perhaps unsurprisingly the coincidental issue of failed validation has gone away also. Time for a quick flight perhaps ☺️
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    Yes, thank´s! I have find the link and performed som tests yesterday.
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    Same problem as this thread. However i've found a work around, it appears if i make sure ET is set to auto and i load the default F22 first it works no problems.
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    I have a similar issue. Running Active Sky, the debug mode in AS shows that there is rain. Using EF, there is no rain. Restarting the Sim without EF with the same weather the rain comes back. It seems that EF effects what AS is injecting somehow.
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    The issue is now resolved with an uninstall and reinstall of the WX Rdr. It is working correctly now.
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    Hello , A question about some ( maybe ) double Options in SF and EF . In bot Programs you can find the Option "Sync Cloud Models" Which should i use ? Which Programs do i need to start before P3D ? Only AS for Engine and EF or SF too ? Why you build in the both Programs nearly the same Options e.g. Cloud Typs , Cloud resolutions , Cloud Sync . Is it not possible to bring the Programs a little bit easier ?!? Michael
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    Testing also the new update. I reset all in-sim UI variables to default and only had to adjust the bloom blur scalar. So far so good. Testing it in day though, will see how it looks like at night!
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    Ok all fixed I DL the large file and the icon appeared on my desktop. I have now registered it and clicked on to the AUTO mode option Thanks Buzz
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    Well it is an issue as EF is unloaded. Can you open a ticket and mention EF does not load? Thanks Federico
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    Ditto @kjetihaa . Did a complete re-install of EnvironmentForce, applied Technical Update 1, and still no mini UI. I tried adding it as an add-on via an add-on.xml-file in the P3D AddOns directory. P3D asks if i want to enable Environment Force, but it does not load. My install is pretty much vanilla, P3D v4.5 HF 1. (did not work prior to HF 1 either), with only EZDok v3 and ActiveSky installed. Tried running with only Environment Force installed, but the MiniUi does not load. All I need from the MiniUI, is to tame the mental HDR bloom effect - it completely ruins the VC of the Leonardo Maddog X.. Hopefully REX wil have this sortet soon:)
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    Thanks, let us know how it goes. Regards, Federico
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    Indeed everything was standard in the last shots. @ciccio74 If it looks different for you i guess the TS preset plays a role. Only the mods/devs can answer @rstough (see question above, "If someone has a preset in TS applied and is using Automode, what part (besides the reflection) is still left from that preset? ") I find it really really nice...good job there REX.
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    Very true, especially since LM is coming out for a patch for 4.5 because of this.
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    We have solutions in our next update.
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    https://youtu.be/pqda0w5QgHs Active Sky + EF paints an amazing atmosphere ! ( Auto mode )
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    When EF is first started it asks you to run Tweak Free or I Love to Tweak, these are the Automatic Modes and the Manual Mode selections. If you just installed the program for the FIRST time and selected Tweak Free (Auto Mode), how does EF determine the resolution of the textures it will pull from SF? If you don't know the answer that is ok, there are REX Staff and programmers here that probably do. Making up an answer is not a sign of knowing. However I look forward to your next gif.
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    In regards to question # 1 - Everything that is on the Main UI - clouds, water, terrain and coloring is affected by the Automation Mode. The additional "deeper" shader functions on the Mini UI are not affected by the Automation Mode. In regards to question #2 - If you are using the Mini UI you do not need to click the Recompile Shaders function. This is only to be used if you are injecting a 3rd party shader tool preset.
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    If it is working, then you can update safely later. For example when new patch will introduce a new feature or will be announced as mandatory.
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    Hi @xorcismus you can run it like that just fine.
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    Your recommendation worked for me. Now everything is great! Great app !!
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    The more you 'play' the better it gets, just found two 'key' tweaks to have a play with 'TimeDelta' and 'Adaptation Scalar', they become more 'into play' at night. Great work I'm liking this more and more!! My only concern, now is what is the correct way to make sure that after all this 'twerking' !! you can save the changes and they are reloaded in the next SIM session. I've tried loading some 'community' presets, but nothing seems to change in the SIM, (no numbers in the minu IU) or anything....unless I'm missing something
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    when opening EF go to manual mode. then go to Lighting /Visability control. Enabled Manual lighting, then close EF. the next time you open it. the Sim Mini IU will appear.😀 Hope this helps
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    I looked all over in "my account", I can't seem to find it.. under what section in my account? can you show me a screenshot or something?
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