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    WARNING During the installation process, you may be required to locate the original installation folder to install the patch. You should uninstall all previous versions of this software prior to installing this version. PRODUCT SUPPORTS Prepar3D v4.4, v.45 REQUIREMENTS Valid serial key for REX Environment Force FIX LIST Fixed – Saving multiple community themes with the same name Fixed – Support link to old support form Fixed – Mini UI blocking FMS screen in the simulator Fixed – Airspeed issue when using weather injection smoothing Fixed – Community themes causing CTD of the application and simulator Added – Feature to reduce re-registration after upgrades Added – Feature to automatically backup all settings and personal presets to local drive Added – Feature to backup all settings and personal presets to the REX EDGE cloud server Added – Feature to restore all settings and personal presets from local drive or REX EDGE cloud server Improved – Performance Removed – Testing sliders on automation window INSTALLATION INSTUCTIONS IMPORTANT: Please uninstall all versions of Environment Force before installing this version. 1. Turn off your Anti-Virus software and Disable your Firewall. 2. Click the link below to download the installer file. Download to your desktop. 3. Right-click on the rexinstaller.exe and select “Run as Administrator”. 4. You may be alerted that the publisher is unknown. Click Run Away. 5. Proceed through the installer wizard until complete. 6. Delete the rexinstaller.exe file from your desktop when complete. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: https://1125590006.rsc.cdn77.org/patches/5.0.2020.0210/READMEFIRST.pdf DOWNLOAD FILE: https://1125590006.rsc.cdn77.org/patches/5.0.2020.0210/rexinstaller.exe
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