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    I'll try that again. That did it.
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    The cirrus (in your case the cirrus overcast) don't cast shadows. So the shadows you have are the cumulus' ones. This is P3D limitation, and the cirrus overcast downside. But in the auto mode, we are working on darkening the terrain.
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    thanks for the answer Frank
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    @timest999, I'm pretty sure we know that you need to start EF beforehand, but if you don't want to use EF (and disable the dll as well) the sim will appear gray unless you also restore the 10 modified files in ShadersHLSL (if you have a backup). Is it not possible to change this behavior so running EF is optional? Randy Edit: So, I was obviously out to lunch there. If you leave the dll enabled but do not start EF the scene isn't gray. I guess it's only if the dll is disabled. So, please disregard and accept my apologies. 🤐 Edit 2: Now I can't duplicate the issue I had before. If the dll is disabled and I don't start EF, the scene is not gray. Not sure what happened, maybe it was the old build...
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    SOLVED : A problem of ownership of the database
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