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    Glad to help. I will be able to give more information about Environment Force when we start marketing it. That should be very soon.
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    First, please accept my apologies for the very late reply. Some of our staff have been taking some much needed time off before the final rush of the holidays. When we first started REX we developed to have one product do all things. This was our development philosophy from day 1 up until we started work on REX 4. With REX 4 we decided to split all the features of REX Essentials into different parts. The reason is because we found it trying to update one component of a MASSIVE program lead to many woes for customers to download such a large program again for a simple fix. Plus, it gave us the ability to expand the products as individual products. REX 4 has now led to REX 5 the "Force" products. This is where each product will specifically specialize in a key area of flight simulation: So here is the break down of the current products and their focus: FOR CLOUD MODELS, TEXTURES, SKY, SUN EFFECTS, MOON, LIGHTNING EFFECTS, SOUNDS, AND WEATHER: REX (5) Sky Force = Focuses on specifically the atmosphere and weather elements. All textures and cloud models center around the weather engine and its rendering. FOR AIRPORT TEXTURES: REX (5) Worldwide Airports = Focuses specifically on airport enhancements. FOR ACCURATE WEATHER RADAR WX Advantage Radar = Focuses on providing pilots an accurate view of the weather as they fly through it. UPCOMING PRODUCTS REX (5) Weather Force = Is a very highly advanced weather engine that will be a free addon to REX Sky Force and replace the its current weather engine. REX (5) Environment Force = more information coming soon on this product There are other products and ideas, but we are not ready to talk about yet.
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