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    UPDATE: 4/10/2019 We in the middle of our Lima Cycle test of Environment Force with Prepar3D 4.5 and so far so good! We do not expect delays with our Pre-Deployment of the product.
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    REX SKY FORCE STATUS UPDATE: PRE-DEPLOYMENT BUILD: Technical Update 2.1 DATE: 4/9/2019 STATUS: We have completed our testing of Technical Update 2.1. Because Prepar3D 4.5 has been released today, we need to confirm all works with the final release build. Then we will finish our preparations for the release of this build. Technical Update 2.2 is being prepared for testing shortly. NEXT UPDATE: MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2019
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    Congratulations on your new REX Web site! Very well done. Aussie
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    There are no textures or cloud models included in Environment Force. For cloud and sky sync, Sky Force is necessary, however we will be opening the SDK up to other developers in the near future. Environment Force opens up new roads for Sky Force tech. Watch for free updates later in our Creative Update packages for Sky Force.
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    Thank you very much! I have gone with your suggestion and so far its looking great :) Kind Regards, Justin
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    Hi, all three will compliment each other... Although Texture direct is the older product it will still enhance your P3d. Here is a suggested usage guide that I myself use... (make Sure all your software is up to date) Sky Force: Environment use for all sky as in dawn, day and dusk textures Sun textures Moon textures Lighting effects Environmental sounds Use for the 3D Cumulus textures and Cirro-type clouds 3D Cloud model structures Weatherengine Tip, enhance your flying experience with WX Advantage Radar by REX/Milvis World Wide Airports HD Airport building and airport ground textures Airport Vehicles Texture Direct and Texture Direct & Soft Clouds Enhanced Editions Enhanced Water textures with wave animations Accompany World Wide Airports HD airport with improved airport runway parking and taxiway lighting and signage Airport surface refraction and terrain bump mapping
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    We will continue to support FSX and FSX-SE with Sky Force. The updates will be coming at the same time.
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    I already have seen the post on the WX. I will wait until all is good to update to v4.5
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    Tomorrow 1 april 2019, we are waiting for the update info
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    Thanks i noticed that last week the new site
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    Thank you Aussie for your support... Please stay tuned for some more exciting announcements
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    The smooth weather transition API from EF will be free for Sky Force owners, there will be no more abrupt weather transitions with the SF weather engine. This will be called the Weather Force API, included with Creative Update 1.
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    Hi @rstough Could you give us an estimated time for the launch.
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    This could very well be the case. You are probably right. Clarification from the REX developers would be helpful though.
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    I asked this on Avsim and someone said that environmental force is not a texture program. I am still confused but I just bought texture direct anyhow. Envtex was giving me headaches. I think that environmental force will update real time clouds and it will use the information from texture direct and skyforce but it won't be a full do all program unless I am mistaken. I am just gathering bits and pieces.
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    So there is no need to buy texture direct then. I guess I will save my pennies and wait until environment force.
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    Could you please tell me if this replaces REX texture direct? and Sky force. I am a little confused over the different REX products and what each do. Thank you
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    Here is the latest status of the project: This project isn't dead. It has just been paused for a while. It is a very comprehensive project and we just need to be able to put our full attention into it.
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    itching to get to grips with this............
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    REX SIMAIR STATUS DEVELOPMENT UPDATE: DELAYED Build: Release Build Date: 2/13/2019 STATUS: The Past... Thank you, everyone, for their patience with this project. The SIMAIR project has been a personal bitter/sweet experience. Sweet in that we are very excited about what this project has to offer. We have often felt that the goal of SIMAIR was to be a bridge between flight simulation and a better sense of reality. However, it has been bitter in that we have had to continually put the project on the back burner due needs in other areas of our business. SIMAIR's goal was to be a simulation within itself. Thus, this project has had some very ambitious goals. The Present... As you know we had a meeting in early February 2019 to discuss the feasibility of the project and whether we should continue or just scrap the project. The core of our business has dominated much of our time and left us with very little time to progress in development. Once we felt ready to jump in development something would require our attention elsewhere. Like I stated this is a VERY AMBITIOUS project. So it demands our fullest of attention. All of us in our meeting agreed that SIMAIR must be built. That SIMAIR fits perfectly into our vision for 2019 and beyond for REX Simulations. The Future... However, we have delayed development until Q2 2019. Our focus right now is to complete 3 key projects associated with the "FORCE" line of products: Sky Force - Technical Update 2.1, Sky Force - Creative Update 1, Environment Force, and Weather Force. We feel as a company that once Q2 arrives we will be in a better position to move forward with this project with more focus and determination. NEXT UPDATE: MONDAY, APRIL 1, 2019
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    REX WEATHER FORCE STATUS UPDATE: DEVELOPMENT BUILD: Release Build DATE: 12/10/2018 STATUS: Weather Force is a free add-on for owners of Sky Force and will be included as a part of Creative Update 1. It is important to stress that Weather Force is closely related to Environment Force. Environment Force is also closely linked to Sky Force. .... Development continues on the core of Weather Force and Creative Update 1 for Sky Force. We will have more information on this update once Technical Update 2.1 for Sky Force is released. NEXT UPDATE: TBD
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