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    Could you please tell me if this replaces REX texture direct? and Sky force. I am a little confused over the different REX products and what each do. Thank you
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    itching to get to grips with this............
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    Wow. Juhuu, as we say here in Norway! Great work REX team!
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    Good luck REX Team....You guys are awesome and love Sky Force 3D, just purchased yesterday along with World Wide Airports even though I've been waiting so long for SimAir!..lol Please REX, don't give up on SimAir. SimAir is going to make REX lot's of $$$$ with this unique addon.
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    REX Sky Force + World Wide Airports HD is what you are looking for in the future. If you are upgrading your rig, I would highly suggest looking into upgrading to P3D when you do upgrade.
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