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    PREPAR3D V4 – REX PRODUCTS STATUS UPDATE: LAST UPDATE: 6/13/2017 Thank you everyone for your patience. Though we still have some testing to do with some products we can now give a firm update on our progress for upgrading REX products for Prepar3D. The following is a list of products that will be receiving a hotfix to support Prepar3Dv4: Estimated release June 2017 · REX Worldwide Airports HD · REX 4 Texture Direct · REX 4 Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds · REX Soft Clouds · WX Advantage Radar The following products will require a major service pack update to support 64bit for Prepar3Dv4: Estimated release TBD · REX 4 Weather Architect · REX Essentials Plus · REX Essentials Plus Overdrive
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    Dear REX Customers and Flight Simmers - With the release of Laminar's Xplane 11, AeroFly 2, Dovetail's Flight Sim World, and the upcoming expected release of Lockheed Martin's P3Dv4 we felt it necessary to address our thoughts on each upcoming platform. These are exciting and somewhat scary times. Exciting in that we can remember some very dry times when only one platform was available. It is great to see such a resurgence in this genre. Scary in that many of us have invested not just $100's, but some of us $1000's of dollars into add-ons and hardware. So the question is "will what I have invested in, work in the future?" We are committed to providing support of these platforms as much as possible. Though our development team, as of right now, has been focused on finishing several new products, it is our goal to advance our technology further to try to give the best experience possible for the past as well as the new platforms. We have been in contact with each developer group and it is our goal to maintain a reasonable working relationship that goes well into the future. Each platform will offer its own unique challenges and we aim to try to meet those challenges by providing a greater sense of reality in the environment that surrounds us within the sim. Your investment is our investment. We will continue to strive to meet the need as they develop. Sincerely, The REX Management Team
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    it´s getting really awkward...not long now, very soon... bla bla bla
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    It will work with P3D v4 out the door.
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    A quick update here... We will be including an update to the WX Advantage Radar for Prepar3D v4 by the end of June.
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    We have built the application open-ended meaning you can use any weather generator with it. More info on all features to come as we are prepping the website and user manual.
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    The original video of REX Sky Force 3D that we presented at FlightSimCon 2016. More to come!
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    Guys, Skyforce is in the air, yeahhhhhh ;-))))))) https://ibb.co/gvxga5 https://ibb.co/gNqZv5
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    If you can be patient a little while longer all will be revealed soon. We are putting together the marketing material now. The products we had on sale now are products that have been on the market for 3 years or more. We will continue to support them for as long as we can for the different platforms that are out there. REX Sky Force 3D is an evolution of new technology geared for the new sims as well as support for the past.
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    REX Texture Direct and Soft Clouds will be continued supported for P3D v4. You are not obligated to purchase REX Sky Force. The "Force" products are ALL new technology that moves flight weather and environment in a new direction. Texture Direct and Soft Clouds are about 3 years old now.
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    That's all fine and dandy, but all we're really asking for is a little transparency here. They have not given us any valuable information about where their product line is headed. They have all existing products on sale, but nobody knows if those products will be needed after the new releases. They gave us a video and a detailed explanation of what kind of stuff they have done with SF3D over a YEAR ago! Since then their competitors have apparently stolen their ideas and have released new products from scratch while REX is still busy deciding how many products they want to sell to us. At least that is what it seems like with the complete lack of transparency and the vague comments we get from them. We got a preview screenshots and videos forum made over a week ago, but it still has a year old video which we all know by heart already. They go into "final" beta testing every week. It's unprofessional from a company that's charging it's users for their products. It's the sort of thing you expect from a dodgy ebay seller, not a top of the line flight sim addon company. Sorry if this comes across as harsh, tough love people! REX market themselves professionally enough for us to expect more professionalism when it comes to communication with their clients. Peace out!
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    Not much longer to wait. We are finishing up some internal fixes and then we will be sending to the beta team for final testing likely next week.
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    Sure that'll make them hurry up! patience friend good things come to all who wait.
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    Looking forward for REX compatibility for P3DV4... Thanks for support.... This will be interesting.
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    Hi, Welcome to the forum! To be honest... wait for REX Sky Force 3D to be released. It won't be too long now.
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    I have REX TD HD and would like to know how much longer before the hot fixes are released? I'm not at all interested in any of the new stuff as I like my weather engine I have now. All I want is the TD HD thank you. Will this hotfix be released before the end of the year? If not then I go somewhere else for my textures. It seems to me REX is trying to push these new products on people who may not want them. TD HD is a good fit for me.
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    I agree with kberg. With WW aiports taking over those textures and the other ones hopefully the rest of the textures. These and ORBX together is going to be the great.
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    Im not confused or anything about the new softwares i just wonder if they wil get released very soon or end of 2017 #SoHypedCantWait
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    REX Worldwide Airports is going to replace the features of REX TD in this area. Just wait until you see what we have planned for REX WWA. Some amazing stuff coming up.
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    We are still reviewing the surveys and making a decision. You should hear something within the next week or so.
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    So, being this close, any media goodies for us in the next few days? A video, some screenshots, anything. We're desperate here
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    There cannot be a direct update/upgrade process from other products in that this is completely different technology.
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    To help with the confusion about the upcoming products here is a little table giving some details: Product Name Product Description Supported Platforms Project Release REX Sky Force 3D Complete weather system replacement. Includes new cloud models for better cloud representations. FSX, FSX SE, P3D 3, 4 2017 REX Environment Force Environment enhancement API to be used enhance the environmental conditions dynamically. FSX, FSX SE, P3D 3, 4 2017 REX Weather Force Cutting edge weather engine that utilizes all elements of Environment Force and Sky Force to give the most realistic weather conditions possible within the present flight sims. FSX, FSX SE, P3D 3, 4 2017 REX AXIS Single location for product support and community building. TBD 2017/2018 REX SIMAIR Massive multiplayer experience in which a user competes for dominance in the sky’s and on the ground as an air carrier and pilot. TBD 2017/2018 ** This doesn’t include any products for Flight Sim World, Xplane 11, and AeroFly 2 that we are presently investigating for further development.
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    Hi guys! Whats going on with Skyforce? Any updates? Thank you for sharing this video but, how to say, many of us know it by heart now :-)))) Cant't wait!! Cheers, Mike
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    Hello there.. I had uninstalled everything so that it would be clean for P3D v4, and now when I try to install I get an error message stating that it cannot find/access the .msi file that is located in the same directory.. Would that be because I only have v4 installed and no others?, or should I submit something more detailed to support? (sorry for the hijack) Thanks!
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    Wow...has it been a year already??? Still amazed by the video and I am sure you have made it even better since then.. Looking forward to finding out all the details and to start using this in P3Dv4!!
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    Hello, pls, any new with REX texture direct p3Dv4 ? many thanks ! JM
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    God damn you guys are such teases
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    We are just getting things ready. More will be coming very soon.
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    Here are some screenshots of the current REX Worldwide Airports HD. Shots include views of custom terminals and hangars.
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    Look guys! A blank "Preview Screenshots and Video" forum. I wonder what that could be for?
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    All I did was in the config section point it to the v4 install place like any other Sim and ran the texture install. For the weather you chose, in the P3D start up screen, REX weather in the weather options and set it all up like any other Sim. Like I said it "seems" to be working. I am still experimenting with airports and places to see if it did indeed install correctly and the scenery, texture sliders to get the best frame rates. Like I said before I know I am doing this at my own risk and if something happens REX is not at fault. Once the update come out I will feel much better about using it. I'll also wait for the fixes for the rest of the things I have.
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    No it was not planned to have its own weather engine. This is not the Environment Force or Weather Force engine. That is still in development. But the new weather engine for Sky Force will be specifically optimized to take advantage of ALL the key aspects of Sky Force and its features.
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    This is great news. I was hoping the silence over the weekend was a good thing. My money is ready when Skyforce is.
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    I understand the community is excited about the release of Sky Force and that is greatly appreciated. No one is as excited as our team is to bring it to market. However please refrain from spreading other product news here. It's not the place.
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    Hey Guys, I have been refreshing this site almost every 2 hours every day. It's crazy how excited I am for SKYFORE 3D. Were there any announcement made until this point in time. I am so impatient.
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    LOL, I don't how in the world you will ever get SIMAIR out for v4 when you haven't been able to get it out PERIOD! instead of talking about what you're going to do with SIMAIR why don't you actually build a product once! sorry, but you folks needs some tough love! MY WORD THIS IS RIDICULOUS!
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    First, thank you for your interest with REX products. Sky Force will likely be going into "FINAL" Beta Testing by the end of the week or that is the plan.
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    REX is the PMDG of the Enhacement textures. I know we won't be disappointed thx REX for all your work on SF3D
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    Good morning, Been using REX Essentials Plus with Overdrive since 2012 without verification. I noticed the other day that my product key disappeared and changed to REXNONINTERNET. here is my order number from PC Aviator 85626
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    Thank you everyone for your questions about each product. I would like to give more information about each product and what it does, but until we get officially into pre-deployment of the product I can't share anymore specifics about the products. In the past we were very open about the details of our products and because of that it allowed our competition to take our ideas and run with them. So for now we have to keep pretty tight chested in that these items have been in development for over several years and involve huge investments in time and money. We will be releasing information about REX Sky Force 3D in the very near term. These products will likely be the crown jewels of REX as a company as a whole. Again I am very sorry to be so vague at the moment.
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    First, thank you for your support of REX. Unfortunately, it is a tough call right now to say which is the best direction to go as far as flight simulator platforms go. I would not necessarily count out FSW right now. I think there is a lot of uproar right now, but some of it is just dribble. So for now I would keep an eye on it. Dovetail IS committed to the hobby it is just they are taking small bites at a time. Obviously, P3D v4 is good, but honestly after testing it I am not seeing a huge jump from P3D 3.4 to 4 except more in the area of performance and some additional enhancements. XP11 is a step in the right direction and they are always striving to improve. So either platform you can't go wrong on. As far as REX goes we see value in all of them. But we still are cutting our teeth on the SDK's. And as of now DTG has not released an SDK yet.