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      Changes in Terminology   04/23/2018

      Here within the walls of REX Game Studios, we felt the current means in which we name fixes, updates, service packs, and upgrades is a little confusing.  So we have consolidated terms to the following: Technical Update = now covers any product that has had a hotfix, patch, service pack, or update.  These are usually related to "fix" items to a product only. Creative Update = now covers any major upgrade to a product.  These are usually associated with new features or add-ons added to a product. For example, if we are issuing a fix for a REX Product A for the first time the release name would be REX Product A - Technical Update 1.   If we were going to release an add-on or a major upgrade to REX Product A, the release name would be REX Product A - Creative Update 1. The number at the end represents the sequence in which the update is issued.

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  2. Hey m8! Wrote to u on both FB and email.. need my activation limit to be reset hehe :P

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  4. If I understand correctly they are not released to the public yet unless you are part of the insider program. @rstough said above that they plan to have it released to the public within a week.

    good afternoon . steve tanner here. am i not a member of the insider program. if so . where do i dl the fixes
  6. Support Verification

    Hi, You weren't verified, until just now. Also, you cannot download your software here on our forum, you download it where you originally purchased it. In your case, the flightsimstore.com Cheers.

    From all my understanding of this, the license for this is the full product, that is SimCarrier and SimPilot, it's one program and not two. So everyone has the ability to use either or both parts. You buying a license for people would allow them to build their own airline and compete, is that what you want? Personally I would prefer that people have to buy there own license so if they choose to go the direction of creating their own airline, it will give us more competition, plus it will limit the number of people to those that are really serious. I plan to use the virtual pilots to build the airline and have real simmers around as well. Can't count on real people to meet scheduling needs always, so the virtual pilots will handle that. I still wouldn't worry about the pilots, when a great product comes out everyone jumps on it anyway... we will get the best of the bunch this way... at least I hope...
  8. Will there be an option for virtual airlines to purchase a license for their pilots to use? I would love to use this software for our VA but we could only use software that's free for our pilots. Maybe some sort of license that the VA could purchase that would allow pilots to only fly one specific airline, or purchase a license for say 40 pilots or increments of more?
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    It says I am verified but cannot get into the forum to download? How long do we have to wait? Thanks
  10. I just hope Lockheed Martin dont come out with Prepar3d v5 by the time WWA HD rolls out, or we'll have to start this all over again. Best of luck with the beta testing !
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    REX Website many years back...I am trying to re download the program FSS REX order # FSS0084858
  12. REX WORLDWIDE AIRPORTS HD – STATUS UPDATE: DEVELOPMENT PHASE 4/25/2018 We are implementing the new textures into the project. We will start beta testing the 1st week of May. …Next update Monday, May 7, 2018
  13. REX SKY FORCE 3D - STATUS UPDATE: DEBUG PHASE 4/25/2018 We are happy to now have released the final build of REX Sky Force Technical Update 2PB2.1 (aka Hotfix 2) to the Beta Team and the Insider Program members. This will be the last build before release. All other items will be moved to Technical Update 3. If all goes well in testing we hope to release this build officially to the public next week. ...Next update: Monday, April 30, 2018
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    Purchased from REX website. ORDER #YGMFBGSLD
  16. Support Verification

    I have absolutely no idea what the procedure is on this site. Reading messages the theme seems to be people submitting their order numbers as a message. I have my order number below. Also I have received one of those "bootstrapper" errors. I do not know what to do with that nor what a "bootstrapper" is. Please advise. In the meantime I can't use the product I paid for! Dick AXCATIIFD Placed on 04/25/2018 09:34:10 INVOICE 04/25/2018 #IN02752
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    REX order #519274 Fsshop.com Friday 01 November, 2013
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    hallo Freunde von REX Simulation, habe mir vor ein paar Tagen REX - Sky Force 3D FSX/P3D mit der Bestellnummer: FSS0567829 im FlightSim Store gekauft, und freue mich jetzt schon auf all die neuen Updates. Gruß herusaba
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    Hi, Please validate following:- FSS0568197 Regards, Paul - Ayrflyer
  20. @Tallcopsaysstop the two presentations today were excellent. I'll be bringing a lot of info back to @ElyPolice

  21. @artofvisuals and @matador are awesome! Check out their giveaway to win Travel Gear! https://t.co/mDcIYk6pOb https://t.co/X2VMkzgeGI

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    Hi ! Order reference : AWKZDONBG Purchased on 18 JAN 18 REX Store
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    Hello I bought Skyforce from FSPILOTSHOP and my Order number is 1032635. Thanks Jason
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    REX SkyForce 3D for FSX and P3D Order ID: BIRWSFEON - Placed and Paid on your store.
  25. REXPLANE Who's going to fsexpo

    We are!
  26. @Hecate41 https://t.co/hy7QC6iAKU

  27. atualização de acessos no meu perfil https://t.co/Tni9K2zZTi

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