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  3. * Order number: JFL743155F103280101 * JustFlight. com * WX Advantage Radar
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  5. REX 5 Environment Force Order #AWSFBVCKX
  6. Order Number: FSS0196045 Order Date: 2013-01-05 flightsim store
  7. Posting for verification REX 5 - Environment Force - Order: WCDQBRZHO REX Store
  8. Posting for verification REX skyforce environment order number - 2049821 bought from Simmarket
  9. Posting for verification. REX order (Invoice ID?) REX Store IN032779/ reference QVVUZLQMA
  10. @rstough @timest999 I would like to know if you are working in WF or in another technical update for SF?. Regards.
  11. Hi @ZKIWI Thank you for your kind words and support for our products. I'm happy to know you're enjoying! Cheers
  12. Hi @SaltLife please see your following post https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/51900-program-doesn’t-start/
  13. Hi, This is not a valid order number from FSS.
  14. With all due respect, that’s the first place I made a post and it was on Wednesday evening. I’m not one to rush people but ANY form of acknowledgement would’ve been nice is all. Given they don’t have a separate dedicated support line, only the forums.
  15. Perhaps you would be better helped if you posted in the REX4TD forum below. Please keep in mind that this weekend and Monday is a national holiday here in the USA.
  16. How can I request a refund of REX 4? I bought it but it won’t run for long before crashing and I haven’t received any help about it.
  17. Posting for verification. Both from REX Store Product: REX Sky Force 3D for P3Dv4: Order# KBMVWXCWN Environment Force Order# SWSFIPWHC
  18. good morning is for me to verify and be able to access the forum the products that I acquired are: Sky Force 3D and Environment Force for P3D v4.4 + thank you Order number is: FCFVDUSJO attentively yaco
  19. Order Referance: PGADXHDGL REX Store Sky Force 3D+Environment Force
  20. ordine 1863085 SKY FORCE 3D FSX P3D
  22. Verification request. Skyforce order no 1774620 Environment Force order no 2037339 Both simmarket thanks
  23. Manuel Santos REX ENVIRONMENT REX SKYFORCE Order Reference ERLOQGQZN - REX store
  24. Last week
  25. I just wanted to say thank you for the REX suite of programs. Although i have a somewhat older computer system than i would like and am in need of a replacement/upgrade REX Skyforce and Environment Force have created an environment that is as good as i could hope to have. The visuals are outstanding and the stress on my system is relatively minimal so I am able to fly smoothly with most of my addons and scenery enabled. I was using ASP4 as the weather engine but suffered through CTDs for no apparent reason, KernelBase.dll errors. On updating to P3D4.5 i tried a few flights in the US with Skyforce as the weather engine and suffered no CTDs or errors. On restarting to use ASP4 the crashes were back. Since i fly on Vatsim in Australia and New Zealand mostly i ended up reinstalling OPUSFSI as the weather engine to get the Vatsim derived weather and have not experienced a single crash to date. When flying outside the US i use EF, P3D and OpusFSI (loaded in that order). When flying in the US where NOAA data is plentiful i use EF, SF and P3D. These combinations work really well with accurate real world weather, great visuals and smooth flying. I now have a renewed passion for flight simulation.
  26. Tranaction number #181276704 The Flight sim store REX - Soft Clouds
  27. Hi, RSF, orderJFL7641753FA5B3CAD2 at Justflight.
  28. Simmarket ORDER Number: 1887542 WX Weather Advantage
  29. Posting for verification. Product: REX Sky Force 3D for P3Dv4: Order #1005224 Store: fspilotshop.com
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