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  2. Order Number: KBQVOTPDT REX Store Order Date: 04/29/2016
  3. Hi all, I am thinking about purchasing the new REX 5 environment force for my P3DV4 but i would like to know a few things I have previously had REX 4 Texture Direct in FSX so would all the features in this be in REX 5 environment force such as the clouds? The clouds in REX 4 were amazing so i don't want to buy a product that is lesser with the content
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  5. timest999: Thank you for the info. Well, in the interim, I did install SF3D. I now see that it's a big improvement. Maybe not so much in Fair Weather daytime, but sunsets, moonlight reflections, etc., are spectacular. I had read the "full recap," and also the Manual. If they answer my questions, I must be slow on the uptake -- or impatient. You said: "You have to install the Sky Force 3D cloud models. But this system is also heavily reliant on the cloud texture SDK from Sky Force for better rendering." [I wonder how to use that "quote" function.] OK, I did install them. Of course, it's kind of hard to tell the difference between 22 separate sets, but my clouds look much better than the old Soft Clouds. So am I done here? You say the system is heavily reliant on SDK. R U saying I have to do something else? Thanks again, Mac6737
  6. Order Number: 63565 The FlightSim Store Date Ordered: Monday 24 May, 2010
  7. Posting for verification Order number: 65519 Store: Aerosoft REX 4 Texture Direct - HD with Soft Clouds Thank you
  8. Hi, Please let me take a shot at this as Texture Direct water and water textures in general is an aspect of REX environment that brought me to REX the first place many years ago. For clouds you do not even use texture direct if you have Sky Force installed as you may cause "Cloud Library" issues as all the cloud models and textures are covered with Sky Force .... For water and Texture Direct You need to first calculate what geographical global location, longitudinal, seasonal and weather you will be generally flying in. Once figured out. chose your water textures and install Choose your wave animation This is just basic but if you wish and you have EF as well I can forward you my steps for water .... PS I fly 80% coastal so water texture is my pet
  9. X-Force is not the name of the products. As you know we have several products that end in the name "Force".. We are just carrying this over to our software that we are developing for X-Plane. X - Force would represent products like: Sky Force "X" , Worldwide Airports "X"...etc.
  10. Hi guys, Posting for verification also. Thank you. REX Soft Clouds with Service Pack 1 Order: FUWFWGQFH REX Worldwide Airports HD Order: REX 4 - Texture Direct Order: DMCKHLSFU REX 5 - Sky Force 3D Order: SKHXDSNEF
  11. Really beautiful pictures here. Thank you for posting those and for your support.
  12. Hi, Due to the nature of this topic, please fill out the following form so that we expedite your support item: Click to open a Tier 2 support ticket Thank you for your patience as we try to help you resolve this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REX Tier 2 Operating Hours Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MST (-7Z)
  13. Hi Mac, Both of these programs have an options manager to instruct which texture categories are to be installed. If you have Texture Direct with Soft Clouds integrated into it, you can remove the separate Soft Clouds program. Sky Force is more than just a texture replacement. Look here for a full recap of what it is: http://www.rexsimulations.com/skyforce.html Yes, all texture content from the sim is replaced by these REX products. You have to install the Sky Force 3D cloud models. But this system is also heavily reliant on the cloud texture SDK from Sky Force for better rendering.
  14. Hi Rob, I'm sorry it took longer than normal to get back to you, our store technician was on vacation. He stated this is working as intended. Do you have multiple accounts there?
  15. GUXVPOPGD REX Store 16/07/2019 REX Sky Force 3D
  16. 2057916 Simmarket Environmental force 5
  17. Order number: 2074478 Store: simMarket Date: 14/07/2019 Products: Sky Force- Environment Force
  18. Order No: 2041739 Store: Simmarket Product: REX 5 - Sky Force 3D ---- Order No: 2072963 Store: Simmarket Product: REX 5 - Environment Force
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  20. Order Number: IYLKOMHYW Date: 07/14/2019 Store: REX Store Product: REX Sky Force 3D
  21. REX Order #: EZBUYHJKB REX Web Store REX 5 Worldwide HD REX 5 Sky Force 3D REX 5 Environment Force For P3D V4.4
  22. Posting for verification simMarket: REX 4 -Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - Enhanced Edition order #2074741 simMarket: REX 5 -Environment Force order# 2074368
  23. Order Number: NTIJDAMTA Purchased: REX Store Date: 14/07/2019 Product: REX 5 - Environment Force for P3D v4.4+
  24. Verification Post Order: STDBPEDFK REX Store REX 5 - Sky Force 3D Thanks, Roger
  25. Posting for verification Order Number: NURHDIVCY Purchased: REX Store Date: 14/07/2019 Product: Sky FOrce 3D
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