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  2. 2297248523956144080 from Steam FSX: Steam Edition - REX 4 Texture Direct Add-On
  3. REX Store Order# GRROCBIZW from 06/16/2017 REX 4 - Texture Direct (with Soft Clouds) and REX Worldwide Airports HD
  4. OrderNumber:709900 DetailedInvoice: hOps:// DateOrdered:Sunday06September,2015 1xREX-­‐REX4TextureDirectHDwithREXSo`Clouds(REX-­‐130)
  5. Order Number: 851615 Date Ordered: Sunday 06 November, 2016 Here is the license key/serial number associated The FlightSim Pilot Shop REX Worldwide Airports
  6. Order #FSS0535830
  7. Verification order # 1017306 - Aerosoft REX 4 Worldwide Airports HD
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  9. #873176 fspilotshop thnxguys
  10. WX Advantage Radar Order# QSCJYXPAQ Placed on 06/18/2017 20:22:05 Purchased from your store
  12. REX Sky Force 3D

    HAHAHAHA Good one , A330 or A340 (It look like A340, let me guess, AirFrance )
  13. REX Sky Force 3D

    Guys, Skyforce is in the air, yeahhhhhh ;-)))))))
  14. Hey Guys, I would like to join the forum thx YJRMNXHGR Placed on 12/27/2016 15:03:02 VBEFMKTKN Placed on 06/17/2017 13:13:14
  15. I agree with Henrik. If they have to keep answering our questions we are taking them away from their work. Lets let them work so we can get the fixes. This should go for the other topic as well.
  16. OK now! I suggest complete " radio silence " for the next week. Let the REX team work in peace with the hotfixes for P3D v4 and then let us look forward to SkyForce and later to the other two " Forces "!!!
  17. REX - REX Essential Plus Overdrive for FSX order number #FSS0082325 posting for verification as after a re install I need to download SP3.
  18. Posting for verification. REX 4 - FSS0258843
  19. That's great, but what about water textures.
  20. Bought REX 4 t.d. from Steam a couple of days ago, and just posting here for verification for now. 1194992348586059883 (This the only cod. I found in Steam)
  21. I have REX TD HD and would like to know how much longer before the hot fixes are released? I'm not at all interested in any of the new stuff as I like my weather engine I have now. All I want is the TD HD thank you. Will this hotfix be released before the end of the year? If not then I go somewhere else for my textures. It seems to me REX is trying to push these new products on people who may not want them. TD HD is a good fit for me.
  22. REX Essential Plus with Overdrive FS Pilotshop Order #487951 REX - Soft Clouds for FSX & P3D FS Pilotshop Order #73106
  23. REX Worldwide Airports HD for P3D V3 Order TZQSNHFHH from REX store
  24. Thanks - I *think* I'm finally getting the picture now in respect of all the new products and where they overlap. Typical question: any ideas how imminent the P3Dv4 hotfixes for REX/TD and SC are? Adam.
  25. Unfortunately, add me to the list of Customers who are *very* confused by those descriptions. Guess I'm just a simple-minded simmer.
  26. If you can be patient a little while longer all will be revealed soon. We are putting together the marketing material now. The products we had on sale now are products that have been on the market for 3 years or more. We will continue to support them for as long as we can for the different platforms that are out there. REX Sky Force 3D is an evolution of new technology geared for the new sims as well as support for the past.
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