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  3. Yes, I'm part of the insider program, I'd enjoy the new PB1.5, but first they forgot to re-publish the requested PB1, later the PB1 post was reupped without the download link, later on the download link was published but without the permission to access the file. If this is the benefit of being part of the insider program, but I'm a fully "outsider".
  4. Is the hotfix intended to make the product more reliable rampa? Is it not worth hanging on in there as I believe you are part of the testing team and so your patience will benefit thousands more ?
  5. After 48 hours of not useful waiting for an already desperately slow re-releasing of the PB1 archive (I lost my file in a disk failure), I think it's time to return to a more reliable product than yours. Thanks.
  6. ANSWERED REX and Xplane 11

    (REX Fan from FSX) Hey! is the development going on for x plane 11? I am keen to know about this. Thanks,
  7. Support Verification

    Maurice Audet purchase REX 4 Sky Force 3D from Aerosoft, order number 1140206 on 19 march 2018. I am using FSX Steam Edition.
  8. Support Verification

    Bought REX Skyforce at Simmarket order number 1816621
  9. Yesterday
  10. @Alex_Pilot272 Orbx PNW. Climbing out of SEA

  11. Support Verification

    I bought REX Texture Direct from the REX store. Order reference: JEPDXVYVA
  12. Support Verification

    REX Sky Force 3D Order 1816596 from Simarket Soft Cloud 1282884 from Simarket REX Essential PLUS w/OverDrive 936258 from Simarket best regards Jörg
  13. I was not able to bring up the AIssue '/trqacking Form to report this problem so lets hope this message gets to you,

    about 1.5 hours imnto a flight from KMTW to KDBQ FSX stopped and the attached dialog box popped up


  14. Support Verification

    REX Sky Force 3D Order Reference: VUTRCETZP REX STORE
  15. Hi, This problem is not typical of the products you have listed in your signature. Which REX product is causing this issue?
  16. Support Verification

    Post for verification Order reference VQAUJSKXB
  17. Support Verification

    Posting for verification, HVXSGZIXY Thank You.
  18. Thank you, but no progress yet.
  19. After I installed REX into FSX i opened FSX and something like this showed up "the weather theme could not be loaded. please check that this file exists and try again". Then after i run the simulator the textures are from FSX! What can i do about it?
  20. Support Verification

    Order id: #222447
  21. Flight Sim is out! https://t.co/csOK7DRJ0N Stories via @flightsimstore #canadianxpress

  22. REX Worldwide Airports My account.

    How can I access my account ? Anthin.
  23. Support Verification

    REX Skyforce The FlightSim Store ------------------------------------------------------ Order Number: 566781
  24. Last week
  25. Hmm, ok, I will advise Reed and see what he says. Thank you for your patience.
  26. I saw that but it's missing the last step: the file on the google server requires an authorization to be downloaded, I sent to rstough the request but no reply yet. So, at this moment it is not possible to install the PB1.5 without the PB1.
  27. It's in the Insider Program area of our forum.
  28. Support Verification

    REX order # FATEAHBKP I Can Not Install, Please Help
  29. Support Verification

    Requesting support FSPilotShop.com------------------------------------------------------Order Number: 1025119Date Ordered: Friday 09 March, 2018 Rz
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