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  2. Order number: FHZFOROCB Store: REX store REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition
  3. So there is no need to buy texture direct then. I guess I will save my pennies and wait until environment force.
  4. Hola Solo publico para verificarme Número de pedido: 1956696 simMarket REX SKY FORCE 3D FSX P3D
  5. If I understand correctly, yes, environment force will replace Texture Direct. But not sure about skyforce. An explanation as to exactly what each product does would be great! @rstough
  6. Hi I'm interested in buying REX Worldwide Airports HD and was just wondering if you DIDN"T want to add runway textures from REX Worldwide Airports HD (say I liked the default runways) is that possible?
  7. Hello, I would like to get verified. Order Number: 1120079579 Store: aerosoft.com Product: REX 5 - Sky Force 3D Thanks
  8. HI Posting for verification REX SkyForce 3D PC Aviator order no: 40539
  9. Could you please tell me if this replaces REX texture direct? and Sky force. I am a little confused over the different REX products and what each do. Thank you
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hi, I would like to be verified, thanks. Order Number 63236 Store: store.FlightSim.com Product: REX 5 - WorldWide Airports HD Thanks, George A Thomas
  12. Wasn't there a plan for a weather engine application? If I recall correctly it was going to be a free addon for Skyforce users..... has this plan since been changed? as i can't seem to find anything on the forums regarding this. or is enviroment force going to include an weather engine and it be the free addon for skyforce users?
  13. I use PTA preset that gives me very close-to-real effects. Will REX Environment change settings/visuals made by PTA (visually of course, not shaders files)? Cheers!
  14. I just came across this image on Environemnt Force page. I was just curious and wondered if its updated in real time?
  15. Here is the latest status of the project: This project isn't dead. It has just been paused for a while. It is a very comprehensive project and we just need to be able to put our full attention into it.
  16. We will know more today. Our testing was supposed to stop Monday, but we are shortening it up today.
  17. Welcome from Norway! Thank you for your very kind words.
  18. Hello; what is the last situation? Is there a possible release date? thanks
  19. Last week
  20. Copied the good news about Environment Force. Would that imminent release mean that users of Sky Force will receive the new weather engine immediately, or will there be a technical update to the existing Sky Force weather engine first? Whatever happens I am extremely happy with Sky Force, but obviously looking forward to any improvements you can offer. Keep up the good work.
  21. itching to get to grips with this............
  22. Brant Nyberg Reference Number: HFBTRGJNP Store: REX Store Product: WX Advantage Radar
  23. Posting for verification REX sky force order 1023452 FSpilotshop.
  24. Posting for verification / support purposes. ULCDWNVQG
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