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  1. Hi there. I feel a bit silly asking this after having just purchased REX Essential Plus Overdrive and Texture Direct with Soft Clouds along with Weather Architect in the Halloween sale. I am confused as to what does what, am I right in saying that Texture Direct with Soft Clouds and Weather Architect are the newer products and effectively replace and supersede Essential Plus Overdrive? Many Thanks Rog
  2. Hi all, 1) I have a new computer and I would like to know how I can re-download my purchased items: Essential + Overdrive and Texture Direct. (including all patces) 2) Where and how should REX data files downloaded on the computer as I want to use them both for fsx and fsx-steam. Thanks, Ourgas
  3. After being away from the flight sim family for some time I'm starting to D/L all my software onto a new PC. I have to admit I've always been a little unclear as to the sequence and method of starting up each of the programs I have. These are the programs I have - FSX REX Essential Plus w/overdrive REX 4 Texture Direct REX HD Worldwide Airports FTX Global Base FTX Global Vector Ultimate Terrain X USA UTX EZDOK So I'm puzzled about there being a certain order in which these be should started, and are some of these just meant to load into FSX and then exit or should they be kept open and just be minimized ? Also I'm wondering if some of these are redundant or possibly running counter to what another program is attempting to do. I'd appreciate any feedback I can get that might help clear my mind on this confusion. Thanks in advance .. Walt
  4. Hi Guys, I have purchased both of these fabulous products recently and I vaguely remember someone in another thread telling me that some combine textures from both REX Essentials with Overdrive and REX 4 Textures Direct with soft clouds. Can anyone tell me how to or if you can use some settings from both and if so how you go about it as when you are in one product when you get to the end it asks if you want to fly now or do you finish loading your textures from one of them then switch to the other then opnce those textures are loaded, do you then click fly now ? Any assistance is appreciated. Cheers, Chris

    Hey gang. Have been away from FSX for quite some time. Finally have a killer system built specifically for FSX and it's add-ons. I notice a few new products from REX have come out since I've been gone and am looking for suggestions for the most current add-on/ons from REX to use with a new installation. System requirements are no concern. Thank you in advance. Jack
  6. I've heard that it's a good idea to load FSX, etc. into C:Program Files rather than C:Program Files (86). Anyone have any thoughts about this? TNX Walt

    Hi REX guys A thought occurred to me as I loaded my three REX products again prior to flying Rex4 Soft Clouds , Airports and finally Weather Architect-ticking Icons one after the other to install Is a Orbyx FTX Central type programme a future way ahead for REX? It would be fine to have one launch point with the Options of various programmes in one place ready to go etc-tidier xxdpo
  8. Hi to all, on the product homepage of the latest REX product "Worldwide Airports HD" to be released shortly I read that the product is also compatible with payware add-on airports. Does this mean that I can use the REX jetways at my add-on airports in P3Dv3.4 and finally have moving, animated jetways (CRTL-J) all over the world??? Then the wait for Aersosoft AES and Lockheed Martin coming to an agreement and also the wait for add-on developers to integrate SODE jetways in their products would finally have come to an end! But I guess that would be too good to be true and "Worldwide Airports HD" only updates the textures without providing animations??? Any clarification welcome. draci
  9. I see in the description for REX essentials+ that an additional payment is required to get a P3D license. How much is this? What payment options are available (most importantly, is paypal an available option)?
  10. I know you've stated Airports is fully compatible with third party software and offers a tremendous amount of flexibility in the way you install it. My question is, if I choose to have Airports replace all default airports in P3D, will it only replace those that don't already have an upgraded airport and leave alone the airports that already have payware (or freeware) installed? Or would it then replace everything with the REX textures including the payware airports? In other words, would I have to manually exclude the payware airports or will it know to do that automatically?
  11. When do you expect REX Sky Force 3D? Video presentation is promising - I'm waiting impatiently. Will worked with P3D of 3. 3. 5?
  12. Hi there, once you had REX4-Texture Direct2 for FSX. Could it used also with psp3 v3, perhaps with some upgrade of the product? Thanks & regards.

    REX Sky Force 3D looks yummy ! Any plans for X-Plane 11 ? Cheers.........
  14. HI I have FSX installed in my PC desktop windows 7/64bit. I recently saw REX and from what I have read this updates the FSX is this true? Is REX easy to use with FSX? Please tell me which version I need so I can update FSX so I can get better real environment graphics, all world airports, oceans sceneries and real weather will REX do all of this for my FSX?-and how does this work? I have been on REX site and there are so many versions I get confused about which one I need to choose so please tell me what one will give me what I am looking for? REX only available for download or can I buy a Boxed version if so where is London can I buy it from?
  15. I'm currently using REX4 Texture Direct along with REX Soft Clouds but would like to upgrade to the version with the weather engine. Which REX product is the best one to add real time weather and will I need to remove the older REX programs? Thanks for the help in advance. Rlbomber
  16. Hello, I am searching for a download link for a product I purchased here in the REX Store a while ago. It's REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. I had to reinstall Windows on my PC and all data is gone. The only thing I have is a serial number, no order number anymore. Can somebody help me out? Thanks in advance Fox-Alpha from EDDF-Tower night shift.
  17. Hi I bought REX Texture Direct in a bundle with FSX-SE, Accu-feel, RAAS, FTX Trees, and A2A Lights. Where would my order number for REX Texture Direct be found?
  18. I currently have Active Sky 16 as my weather engine together with Active Sky Cloud Art although I have REX4 Texture Direct controlling all of my textures together with REX Soft Clouds. My question is in respect of the upcoming Sky Force product and where this would fit in or what would it replace. Having watched the video I am amazed at the quality of the clouds contained within this new product. Clarification would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Michael

    Hi,As many probably know Microsoft is pushing to install WIN10. The free offer expires in a few days.I'm considering to upgrade.But I like to know if any of you encountered any problems FSX, REX or any other addon.I would like to run everything as smooth as it does now on WIN7Thanks for your replies,Lieven
  20. Hi, I have installed themes. Should I execute REX4 everytimes before start FSX? Thanks, Meteor
  21. I have the overdrive version. My question is do I benefit by adding REX4 Texture Direct HD with REX Soft Clouds REX4 Weather Architect To my system?
  22. Dear REX Team, will soft clouds be a part of Sky Force 3D? Your soft clouds are amazing(!), so that would be nice to have them in Sky Force 3D Or maybe you made brand new 3d models better that soft clouds textures...
  23. Hi - hoping you can help me. I have the licensed the following REX modules over time: REX Essentials / REX Essentials Plus / REX Essentials Plus Overdrive / I thinks at a point there was REX Essentials Plus HD+ / REX Soft Clouds. I have reimaged my PC and I'm in the process of installing REX however I'm totally confused as to the order in which these needs to be installed. Do some of the these modules actually surpass others etc. Please advise which modules I need to install to get the best of all these REX modules. Thanks for any help. Gerrit
  24. I have REX Overdrive as well as Active Sky. I love the REX textures but run them with Active Sky and always looking to enhance my program just wanted to ask would Soft Clouds add to it with a noticeable feature! I have a rather high end system (even run my water maxed) Not worried about the cost very inexpensive any way, just curious. usb
  25. All of the concrete runway textures are grooved surfaces but what about the asphalt runways? Grooved asphalt is just as common, except at small airstrips. Am I missing this? A grooved asphalt runway texture would be more realistic and look VERY good!