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  1. Hi Guys, Sky Force is designed to achieve better results then what you had before, not downgraded, and we are focusing on quality!
  2. Hi Batista, We are almost there, if you read our PDF, Sky Force 3d is unique, we build them carefully based from real world clouds and classification structures, representative from bottom to top and overall view from real flights. We fixed as well users complaints that are still present with FS at the moment, even with competing new products.
  3. Hi Lomel, Yes it will work with any weather engine available. For REX4 and/or Soft Clouds you will still be able to use elements.
  4. Yes, or Sky Force would not work with anything. It's not a weather engine in itself but improves default and adds variations without restricting the weather engine, including default FS weather engine, freeware and others.
  5. You don't need to do anything for any weather engine take advantage, all new clouds model\variations replace default are used automatically without issue, not restricted, they are following the Fs SDK and the Metar..
  6. Yes, compatible for all.
  7. Hi, It's compatible with all weather engine as stated on the PDF.
  8. Hi, Weather Force is the weather engine, see the link below..
  9. Hi Rob, Compatible with all weather engine including default, freeware, payware etc. the information are all there if you read carefully everything, remember default FS are using about 300 clouds model, Sky force using nears 3000 for FSX\P3D combined, this allow us for variation during the sim, new clouds type and no repeat model when flying, using 200 only model for the entire clouds types and coverage would create many issue, same clouds over and over again, example: cumulonimbus calvus would be identical, same shape, angle, looking, unrealistic, wait until you see the web site and screenshots you will see much more ;-)
  10. We have created overs 400 new cumulonimbus from all shapes\design of true CB from the bottom to upper parts.
  11. Hi All, Just a bit of information which is very important to understand about Sky Force design. We have over 2500 new 3d cloud model structures to cover all clouds types OUTSIDE the texture contents, and in many variation to avoid repeated 3d model, any low amount of models used will cause unrealistic and bad cloud repeats. This is something to understand we avoided most as possible and unique to Sky Force! more information soon!