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  1. Yes, Walt, that is essentially what I mean. With FTX, UTX, and EZdok, you set them up once and, presuming that you do not need to troubleshoot or uninstall them, never have to set them up again. With REX textures, they all stay in sim until you decide to change them, even if you reboot. Now, as for REX weather, you will need to set that up before each flight, unlike the textures. That is what is described in steps 2 + 3 of the list at the bottom of my previous post. Let me know if that clears things up for you.

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry you are experiencing issues, however, please provide us with your order number for REX Worldwide Airports HD and where it was purchased. Place that within your signature so we may verify you. If you have any questions in why we ask this, please reference the following thread: Once this has been completed and you are verified, a member of our team will assist you. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi Walt, First, I'll cover the REX products first, and then I'll address what I know about the others. Nothing that REX touches conflicts with anything that the other add-ons address, so that is why I can treat them separately. With the REX products, all three of them contain airports. REX Texture Direct and Essential replace the same texture types, i.e. clouds, water, sky, runways, etc. Texture Direct is technically an upgrade to all the textures of Essential, but that doesn't mean that Essential's textures are obsolete; many users like to use some from each program depending on their preference. Each texture in each program is unique; none are shared between the two. The Options page of both programs, which will be covered below, is your friend here, and will allow you to use some textures from each program if that is what you desire. Bottom line, whichever ones you use from whichever program is up to your own subjective preference. Now Worldwide Airports modifies all the airport textures in default airports, which includes the bits that Texture Direct and Essential can replace as well. If you are using Worldwide Airports, you will want to turn off all the airport texture options within Texture Direct and Essential using the Options page (again, as will be described below). Besides textures, remember that Essential also has a weather engine in addition to the textures; neither of the other two REX programs contain weather engines. As such, you can use the weather engine from Essential with whatever textures you choose to install. For more on using Essential for weather and either or both programs for textures, see the link below. In the section labeled "further notes" it also addresses how to use the Options pages of the two products to use textures together. Now for your other programs: I'll tell you what I know, but don't consider it 'official' company opinion or advice. FTX Global Base changes textures in the scenery class environments that REX doesn't touch, and therefore the two complement each other perfectly. The Global Base software does not conflict with any other software you have mentioned either, and so you won't have to worry about it. Same goes for EZdok, it doesn't conflict with any other software. However, Global Vector and UTX modify vector portions of the scenery and thus will have some degree of conflict. In this case, UTX USA only covers the United States scenery, while Global Vector covers the globe. You will need to decide which you would prefer to use. In my humble opinion, I'd use Global Vector simply because it was designed to integrate with Global Base and it covers more area than UTX USA. However, if you only fly in the US and you prefer the look of UTX, then by all means use that instead. All of these non-REX products are "set it and forget it" types of programs; that is, once they are set up, you won't need to modify them any further in following flights. In summary then, I would set up your software in the following fashion: 1. Install FSX. 2. Install the scenery you wish to use, starting with FTX Global Base and then either Global Vector or UTX USA. 3. Install EZdok. 4. Install the REX programs. After installing, open up Essential and Texture Direct and decide which textures you wish to use from each program, and disable the airport textures in both. You can install texture sets after doing so. Once you are done, open Worldwide Airports and install whatever textures you wish to use. You are ready to go! After doing this, you can use the following steps before each flight: 1. If you wish to change textures before flying, you can open Essential, Texture Direct, and/or Worldwide Airports and change whatever textures you desire to change. If you wish to keep your textures, then skip this step. 2. Open Essential and click on the Weather tab, and setup your weather scenario. 3. Click Fly Now and FSX will launch automatically. I apologize for the long winded response, but I hope it helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. To add to what Reed mentioned, simply see this FAQ:
  5. please help, I cant find the link anywhere to upgrade.

    The newest version of Latitude is 1.3.0. Functionality may be degraded with version 1.1.2. Please update your copy.

  6. HI !! I M Guy Emond my email is 

    i change my Windows 7 for Windows 10 and i forgot

    elemine in Windows 7 maybe I need re-activeted the your 

    compagnie thank you and i wan to know in french is

    possible merci !! 

  7. HI !! I M Guy Emond my email is 

    this is my key  50720-8819W-10172-55828-03416

    i change my Windows 7 for Windows 10 and i forgot

    elemine in Windows 7 maybe I need re-activeted the your 

    compagnie thank you and i wan to know in french is

    possible merci !! 


    Hi Jack, Welcome back to flight sim! The current REX product that you own has now been upgraded to REX Essential, which consists of textures, weather engine, and flight planner. You can download the latest version from FlightSimStore. We have REX 4 Texture Direct, which is a direct upgrade to the texture portion (!) of REX Essential. It consists of all-new, completely different textures than Essential. Because of this, you can use REX 4 textures with just the weather engine and/or flight planner, or you can use some textures from REX 4 and some textures from Essential, depending on your own personal preferences. In addition, there is REX Soft Clouds, which is often bundled with Texture Direct. This adds extra clouds that look very, well, soft. And, in addition, this is the only new product that also has a version for FS2004 as well as for FSX/P3D. There is also REX Weather Architect, which is a custom weather engine that allows you to paint any weather scenario you want and fly through it. It's very different and unique, and quite fun! Last but certainly not least, there is Worldwide Airports HD, which is an overhaul of every default airport in the simulator. It's a stunning enhancement that is a great stopgap between default airports and 3rd-party scenery! Let me know if that helps you!
  9. hi I just downloaded the REX 4 add on into steam.i have opened the configuration settings and optimizations having trouble locating my fsx steam folder I thought it detected it automatically for you?the weather engine is there!!!!

  10. I have REX 4 Steam edition and just installed it the other night. I created a theme and installed it and nothing in FSX SE. i am running FSX SE on difrent drive than the OS so maybe a a file location error. Please help thanks.


    Anything that is in either Program Files folder is going to have restricted permissions, whether it's in the Microsoft Games folder inside or otherwise. It's an arbitrary Windows restriction starting with Vista on up. I am not sure where you read that, but our recommendation is still that FSX be either on a separate hard drive or in C:\FSX. Likewise for REX, either on another drive or in C:\REX.

    Hi there, It's no better to load them into the Program Files folder than the Program Files (x86) folder. They both have the same permissions problems. It would go against the convention as well, because the Program Files folder is designed for 64-bit programs and the (x86) variant is for 32-bit programs. Not that a program can't reside in the other folder, but convention would have it be the other way. Best place to install FSX is on another drive entirely in its own folder, but if not there, then in the root C:\ directory within its own folder.
  13. Dear team

    I am running Prepare3D Pro v3.4.14.18870 (bought 2 weeks ago), successfully installed on Win10/16GB.

    Today I bought REX Essentiell Plus Overdrive SP3 + Prepare3d Single fee.

    I also watched your corresponding Prepare3d installation video several times on you tube,

    set the Prepare3D path properly etc. BUTI still have NO INTERACTION WiTH PREP3D after launching
    it from REX. i.e. It always stays the same start up situation.
    What makes me wonder, is that REX still says in the Textures menu "You cannot install textures into Prepare3D until
    you have a valid licence key installed" BUT In my REX window header stands "licenced for FX and Prepare3D",
    could pls verify at your end if there is an activation problem ? Or do I need a higher REX version for this
    brandnew Prepare3D Pro v3.4.14.18870 (SimConnect

    I haven't got the faintest ideal where to start with given this situation.

    Many thanks

    Helmut - verified REX user

  14. Trying to see if there are any updates to my REX Essential Plus product however, I'm getting this message from the auto update option:


    Your product could not be verified:


    I have build: 3.4.2014.1211