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    Please provide us with your order number for REX Essential Plus or REX Essential Plus Overdrive and where it was purchased. Place that within your signature so we may verify you. If you have any questions in why we ask this, please reference the following thread:

    Please email Reed Stough at: Also within your email please provide a link to this forum post so that I can refer back to it. Please reference REX within the subject line of the email. In addition, please see the post below. Thank you!

    That's what I figured, since you have a dynamic IP for your VPN, you probably just happened to land on a IP address that had been previously forbidden by our server.

    Hi there, If it's a 403 error then there may be an issue with the server refusing the connection. Is your VPN IP fixed? If so, have you tried changing it? You can also post your VPN IP (or PM me) and I can check with our server admin.

    Hi Brandon, I would post this in another topic in the support area of the forum. We can assist you better there.

    Hi Brandon, That's not dependent on us, as PMDG has developed the radar to work exclusively with one weather engine. We have no say or control in regards. If you'd like to use a weather radar in conjunction with REX Essential, I recommend using the WX Advantage Radar. It is incredibly accurate, and it will work in any aircraft. It won't be integrated into the panel for PMDG aircraft, but it will work as a pop-up.
  7. Hi there, This is not conflicting information and is intentional. With Texture Direct, the clouds can have a significant impact with the 32-bit setting. If you have a reasonably spec'ed rig, which from your sig you do, you can probably run 32-bit textures at 4096 resolution without significant issues. Unless you are running other resource-intensive software as well. However, with DXT5 you will be essentially guaranteed to not have any frame-rate hit even with some of the most complex software running in conjunction with REX. The Soft Clouds textures are not anywhere near as resource intensive as Texture Direct, and thus you can run in 32-bit mode safely. They are structured differently than Texture Direct clouds. Let me know if that makes sense.
  8. Hello.   I would like to know what is the latest version of REX.  in 2015 I acquired  the version 3.8.2014.1126.   a couple of days ago I bought  and downloaded REX thinking it would be the latest build and I think I downloaded the same product again.  I Used pay pal as payment and still no charge has been applied.  can you help me to sort this thing out?

    I just wanted to now if it is really a new version of REX 3 essential + OD



  9. Yes, you can use all the products together. The recommended procedure would be to disable all the Airport textures and Cumulus textures in the OPTIONS page of REX Essential, then you can install textures in any order (Essential, Soft Clouds, Worldwide Airports). After that, you can set up weather in Essential and launch P3D. WX Advantage Radar will work in sim after installing it in the aircraft you desire. Let us know if you have further questions!
  10. Hi there, We are in agreement with that. We will be issuing a hotfix to remedy that issue.

    Hi there, The REX editions from the Steam store are exclusively bound to FSX:SE. You would need to purchase the standard editions of the products to use them with P3D.
  12. Can't seem to post to the forum. Have sent my issue via message. Hope that's okay?

  13. Hallo,

    I have got one question, when I saved a wether file on REX Texture Direct, there is an pup up. And when I´m in the FSX menue, where can I select the saved files.




    Hi Jack, Your REX purchases that we have on file (REX Essential, REX FS2004) are from FlightSimStore; I would contact them in regards if you having trouble accessing your account. Let us know if you need further assistance.

    Hi Jack, Yes, all the REX products work with FSX Steam Edition. Most other add-ons have such information on their product pages. Let us know if you have any further questions.