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  1. Default Cessna somewhere in the U.S.
  2. Wow guy`s thanks for the positive feedback and thanks for the Info !
  3. Glad you liked it and thank you very much for Natural ENBplus. It makes FSX look really awsome. Thanks for the comment.
  4. Hi guy`s, I just wanted to share these pics with you but I have to say they are uedited and you can even see the red lines at the top right or at the lower left corner. But I hope you can enjoy them though. Ground services just arrived during the pilots prepare the plane for departure. under the wing... Catering has just started After the catering finished it`s job the boarding is starting and the baggage gets it`s way into the plane A hard job, isn`t it Boarding completed, loading completed and the A320 gets out of the parking spot Push-back completed ! Handsignal from the left, ready to taxi While taxiing to the runway the flight controls are checked Backtrack at the end of the runway. This passenger did not enjoy the view Takeoff! Positive climb, gear up Right turn after departure Captains point of view bye bye Madeira hope you liked them Alex
  5. Posting for verification..
  6. Thanks for the fast reply very helpful. hopefully
  7. Hello all, I`m very new to the forum an got a question about the signature: I`ve already read that i have to put my REX order number in my signature but I`m unsure about the layout. I looked at other posts and saw that almost every member purchased at the Flight Sim Store and the order number begins with FSS. But I purchased at simmarket. So the question is: Should my signature look like this? : "REX FSX order # 733305".