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  1. Nevermind, I figured it out. A little and YouTube never hurt 😉.
  2. Hi All, So I have recently bought the PMDG 777 Base Package and have completed several long hauls in it. I did these by constantly monitoring and manually changing the heading indicator as you can probably tell, this is very time consuming and inefficient. I have recently heard about using the FMC to automatically have the plane fly the route for you (including auto land), but I do not know how to do this. Can somebody explain or point me in the right direction of going about accomplishing this? I would like to start another haul tonight (and the manual did not really help). Many thanks!
  3. Those are nice! Would you mind telling me how you got the cloud textures like that though? Thanks, Airbusa321
  4. Thanks for the reccomendation. I'll check them out.
  5. Im still not so sure...
  6. Oh, well then I guess that's great because it's probably resolved. Thanks for your response! Cheers, Airbusa321

    Well FSX does require a large graphical bandwidth... And that's pretty insane having all of those add ons at max settings and still managing to get that much FPS. Hmmm...
  8. So I've searched around the Internet for a while to decide to get a new flight control system. I have decided on the Saitek PZ44 Yoke System. I have tried to look around for some updated reviews, but have had no luck or straight answer. So basically, this would be my question: Is the Phantom Key Issue resolved? Has anyone had any recent experience with it? It seems like a great yoke for my budget (probably the only one) and I would like to use it, but this seems like a very pilot degrading issue. Thanks to anyone who can provide any assistance!
  9. ...? Awkward random barging in moment... I just saw "REX Essential" and thought it would be necessary to read
  10. Your welcome
  11. WOW REX Essential looks GREAT! NICE JOB ON EVERYTHING REX TEAM! Cheers! Love that OS!
  12. I hope so! We all need ourselves to answer ourselves