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  1. Cleaning out my FSX photo folder

  2. Glory of RexEss

    Those are nice! Would you mind telling me how you got the cloud textures like that though? Thanks, Airbusa321
  3. Look forward to it? I can't wait till tomorrow! Cheers to the REX team for the hard work once again!
  4. lol this isn't FSX, just real life shots
  5. As do we! Glad they are all alive! Huge thank you to them; it is tough work. I'm quoting quotes!
  6. REX Essential

    ...? Awkward random barging in moment... I just saw "REX Essential" and thought it would be necessary to read
  7. Need Update To 1027

    Your welcome
  8. WOW REX Essential looks GREAT! NICE JOB ON EVERYTHING REX TEAM! Cheers! Love that OS!
  9. Few A320 AirbusX FSX

    I love the AirbusX from Aerosoft Great pictures!
  10. Swanson - Incoming

    Love the clouds! Wonderful!
  11. Good Morning, Tucson

  12. B752 QW Thomson FSX

  13. Good Morning, Tucson

    The beauty of mornings! Thanks!
  14. Good Morning, Tucson