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  1. MS Flight projects canceled?!

    O Tried it agree with most of the above plus some of the handling etc was shocking. Some times it felt you were flying a kite in high winds or the plane was made of paper. Yet again shocking supports from MS & they wonder why they keep having close stuff down & buying a company and then doing nothing with it. Would be nice to see prep3d getting green light for retail (officialy as they must have lots of students as customers ).
  2. A great day with the Do 27

    real nice shots there
  3. Beware the Hun

    nice really nice
  4. Metallic

    is this the a2a big bird
  5. Balloons and Angles

    nice set
  6. Stewart under the snow

    thts really nice like the snow effect on the truck and barrels and the old geezer frozen to death reading the weather report.
  7. Lets Duke!

    nice shots like the one with the cruise ships
  8. T-45 Goshawk near Midway

    the reef and water look exellent
  9. National Monuments

    def going for a little lookie great shots as well BTW
  10. SimAir

    take my money now. you may receive a call mid-flight from a flight attendant that an unruly passenger. With my flying no way the passangers would all be strapped into their seats praying. Is their a bonus/award for being the worst airline as I feel pretty confident I could challenge for that.
  11. My 1st Essentials shot

    nice shot you found the V key then.
  12. Finally got over honeymoon, deleted 101 emails from work & finally got some flying in today. Here is the new Alabeo C188B AGtruck. So impressed with their first 3 birds I bought this without hesitation. Has a whole bunch of features Chemical loader interface, Dynamic weight effect on aircraft - real weight reduction as you drop chemical liquid. Please note im a firefighter so know jack about crop spraying. Probally killed half the population at old Walters place. Ready to roll. My attempts at an artistic shot. Looks like a field Walter took this shot, this spray is okay to ingest right. The plane without the spray thingy attached. Nice VC as well. Pilot 3d not bloody annoying cheesy 2d cut out of the producers. (yes you evil ones we know who you are, usually affects the heavies. Really annoys me) Close up pic showing some of the detail. Final shot. Thanks to the guys/girls at Alabeo for another great plane, Nice price no hit on FPS & always exellent detail & flying. All they need to do now is some crop spraying missions. Plus sorry to anyone that may have been sprayed by accident.
  13. Mustang In Hawaii

    and this one will have cockpit view as well
  14. NRM Tigershark Training Route

    +1 but great shots
  15. nice waters

    nice that must be north of scotland coastline with the sunshine and tropical water