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  1. Thanks guys
  2. +1!
  3. +1!
  4. Today fly from LIML to LROP: Enjoy
  5. Great pics!
  6. Thanks! here are two more: Enjoy
  7. Since your flights aren't recorded, this means your logbook file is corrupted. To fix the problem, search for FSX Logbook Recovery, you may find it in AVSIM library. WOW! Thank you very much.Now it works. Great!
  8. Hi! I've notice that I have no more records fly under rewards. Everithing works well about a month ago, then suddenly my FSX stop to records the flights. It's no big deal, but someoane know how to fix this? Thanks
  9. Tnx. to all!
  10. Nice colours
  11. Some dark clouds on horizon... Enjoy
  12. Very nice pics.
  13. The sunny gulf of Naples and Milan approach. Enjoy
  14. Does in real fly see something like this??? Enjoy