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  1. Bad weather takeoff, sunny landing

    Thanks guys
  2. Ty time

  3. A-10 shots over Paris by MrJ :)

  4. Bad weather takeoff, sunny landing

    Today fly from LIML to LROP: Enjoy
  5. F-15 Screens :)

    Great pics!
  6. From Naples to Milan

    Thanks! here are two more: Enjoy
  7. Bad weather for flying

    Tnx. to all!
  8. 787 Sunset @ KMIA

    Nice colours
  9. Bad weather for flying

    Some dark clouds on horizon... Enjoy
  10. British Airways

    Very nice pics.
  11. From Naples to Milan

    The sunny gulf of Naples and Milan approach. Enjoy
  12. Scarry Fly

    Does in real fly see something like this??? Enjoy
  13. A few more AA 777-323ER

    That electric blue speciall on ground is a little unreal...
  14. Istambul Land

    Unfortunatlly I have to return to REX 2.0 because it was impossible for me to use REX Essential + Overdrive . After 30 sec. allways has CTD from FSX, no matter what I have tried and done (new install, ecc.) But I am glad with the old good REX ...BTW I put a useful link for those who want to have an automatic max. texture load from fsx 4096 SHD texture withouth modify manual fsx.cfg The software make all by itself and it start in automatic when you start fsx: Hope this help all the people wich dont know or dont have the ideea where is located or how to modify fsx.cfg