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  1. QUESTION? Converting to Prepar3d

    Wow, I figured I would have gotten a response by now?!?!?  
  2. `Hello guys, Tim!  Happy New Year!!!!  I have not been on in a while.  But I wanted to aske you guys a question.  I was considering side stepping from FSX to Prepar3d.  What I would like to know, from those of you whom have it.  Is it worth it.  Pro vs Cons. If so, what license should I purchase?  Thank you in advance!!!       Thx
  3. PMDG 777

    Made another video of PMDG 777 landing in D.C..  If you like or have request please hit the like button and/or leave me a message.            
  4. PMDG 777

  5. KIAH-FTX Global

  6. KIAH-FTX Global

    Here's a video I made for FTX global landing at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Hope you guys like it if you do please hit the like button. Thanks!!!
  7. Flightbeam KIAD PMDG 8i

    Thanks I put another up
  8. Here is another video.
  9. Flightbeam KIAD PMDG 8i

    Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
  10. Flightbeam KIAD PMDG 8i

    I am not sure which one those are. But thank you, for the comment. Do you have the scenery as well?