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    Dave, I've come across this tip about AffinityMask tip before and I've found the fsx.CFG via user,Roaming etc, fsx file and [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask just isn't listed in the text. No matter how many times I've scanned this I just can't see it. Any ideas as to why it's not there or where else I might find it? Many thanks. Richard.
  2. First things first Fonta, let's get SP1 etc installed. Any more ideas to slow it down don't bear thinking about!
  3. Well done indeed. Carenado would be very pleased with that. Maybe a little more of the interior next time. But 9 out of 10, no question. Best wishes, Richard
  4. Last picture is a great record of an iconic aircraft. Be proud to hang that in my wall. Richard. Make that last but one, Oops! Richard
  5. Nice coving !!!
  6. If there was an Oscar for this kind of film making you are a front runner Doogie! Richard.
  7. Eric, you're the King! Regards, Richard.
  8. I love your work Eric, just fabulous. Regards, Richard.
  9. Oh no, It's just tooooooo good. I can't cope. Nurse, my medication!!
  10. Very sinister Dolf, Stirs the senses a bit. Richard.
  11. Oops! But, the third shot has good composition irrespective so, nice try. Richard.
  12. You can almost hear the noise! Superb.
  13. Superb composition and colour. Just love it!
  14. That last shot deserves an Oscar Eric. Simply stunning.
  15. Crikey Iain, I wish I hadn't asked!!! Please don't embarrass me by asking how many I've got, I feel quite inadequate!