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  1. Sunset

    very nice
  2. 787 KBFI arrival

    I think the model performs very well. Its the camsim 787-8 V2 and it came with a reasonable panel....2D only. If you dont like it you can alias it to the 737 or 777 or look for one at avsim etc thanks for feedback
  3. Hot, Hot, Hot.

    yes hot hot hot :-)
  4. 787 KBFI arrival

    Going for service today landing in IFR low vis and low ceiling....
  5. Fog Generation REX Essential+

    cant wait for that...looks great

    tricky landing there for sure...good set
  7. Beautiful New Zealand

    very nice
  8. Lots of shots here

  9. Departing Kingston new repaint

    Thanks for the likes
  10. Departing Kingston new repaint

    Thanks Rinus....
  11. Random shots with FXAA

    nice. been looking for that type of coverage in the last picture but so far no luck
  12. Now that's what I'm talking about!

    very nice
  13. KTMB light rain etc

    Thanks James
  14. KTMB light rain etc

    thanks Rinus