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  1. Man I miss being able to use this addon.
  2. Great set! Love the colors!!!
  3. You have a way of making each shot a masterpiece.
  4. Well, today I bought the small airport pack of New York Airports from DRZEWIECKI DESIGN. All I can say is wow. This pack includes KTEB, KCDW, KLDJ. By far one of the best airport addons I have and performance is great! What a better way than to fire up the ole' 180, and take a little fight around using ASN and the master texture addon REX4. Please enjoy! On the ground....Just got done checking Her over. Coming up on RWY24 In the air....smooth and nice. This plane handles like a dream! Leaving this beautiful airport....lets look around Essex.... Who said water is ugly in P3D??? Thanks for looking! As always, no shots edited. Just the "V" key and a couple good addons!
  5. Thanks everyone!
  6. I know now, for sure...I will never be able to use any platform for a Sim that does not have REX.... You have made a addict out of me!!! Look at this!!!!!! This shot is NOT EDITED!! How can that be?
  7. Thanks everyone! I feel so dumb, that when I went to update REX, I found I was SOOO far out of date. The new textures are awesome and I don't see how REX is not installed on everyones Sim....it is that important I think!
  8. Using REX, ASN, P3Dv2.3 Never had a better experience. Thanks!
  9. Sure is. Best aircraft in my hangar by far!
  10. #2 LOOKS REAL?! Could you please let us know where that airport is and what scenery you use for that area?
  11. HAARP
  12. Can't seem to get enough of this bird. Please enjoy, as always, no edits, just the V Key. Thanks again to REX for making the visuals top notch! This set is around South East GA, as always, when in this area, I am coming out of KSSI, using FTX Global, and the beautiful freeware KSSI from Orbx. You can almost feel the South GA humidity in some of these shots! This set is around Orbx NCA, taking off from O33, Eureka.
  13. The work that must have taken
  14. That addons are coming together so nicely now. No edits.. Only "V" Key. REX4 ORBX A2A Piper
  15. Man that is a good looking plane and some better looking captures!