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    Hi paranoid, 1st of all, welcome back To get Overdrive, you have to be verified: Please post in this Topic your Oder Number.
  2. How did you get to work the QW BAe with a FSX System ? Afaik they didn't haved released the Avro for FSX yet
  3. Hey die hast du mir noch gar nicht gezeigt REX + iFly (FP) = Yeah I love this set :>
  4. I don't see why you need Essentials for OD ? Sorry, but this looking awesome, thanks for shareing

    Thats why geeuk31
  6. Have a nice flight home, hopefully it would be so nice as those Shots from emil are :-) PS: Send pics about the A380
  7. OMG I came! I'm happy to see that you finally bought the MD-11 Maybe you can buy World Airliners cheap - because there you have HD Textures for the MD-11 e.g. from LTU (yeah!) and Lufthansa Cargo

    Afaik it should be possible to install REX Essential OD over REX Essential without any uninstalling

    The Guys from fsbreak were also there to make a podcast, hopefully you can find it in some days here: http://www.fsbreak.net/
  10. Hi Steve, welcome to the Forums :-) I'm not Tim, but I love this shot Maybe you should do the line with LOT, EMB-195 etc. a bit smaller PS: How does she fly ? Is it Wilco style aka Rocket ? Sometimes my MD-11 and B737 NG are a bit boring
  11. cool - thanks Jay
  12. CLOSED

    Ah ok :-) Time for a coffee or Beer
  13. CLOSED

    What do you try to Download ? A new Linux distribution ? A Game on Steam ? And where do you try it ?
  14. CLOSED

    Because the Support of Essentials without OD is atm. some work which have to do :-) And yes, i'm also waiting for Essential OD
  15. CLOSED

    Have fun :-)