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  1. Nice editing, great shots, I wish someone would make an ATR-600 that looks and flies that well!
  2. The following shots are unedited RAW FSX with no ENB mod only ORBX CRM, REX4, Active Sky Next, and the beautiful Carenado B1900D that I have been waiting for. This was a night flight for my groups VA with service from KGTF (Great Falls Intl) to KBIL (Billings Logan Intl), enjoy!
  3. Hello REX users! This holiday season was quite good for me, good friends and family with good food and gifts, could not ask for more. That being said I purchased REX4 and uninstalled REX ESS + OD and replaced it with the 7 day trial of Active Sky Next. I must say I am really impressed with Active Sky Next as those rapid wind shifts have been hammered down extensively, no more 20-30+ knot wind shifts and they also have volumetric clouds in FSX (where cloud density makes part or the whole aircraft/wing disappear when flying though it). On top of that they also simulate wake turbulence. Active Sky Next is as bad ass for Weather Engines as REX 4 is to textures. Here is a shot from my regional transport flight for my groups VA from KBZN (Gallatin Field/Bozeman) to KGTF (Great Falls International), the ground scenery is covered by ORBX Central Rocky Mountains with the latest patch as of 1/11/2014, Enjoy! please note that all the pictures above are RAW FSX with no ENB or photo editing! REX4 + Active Sky Next = Perfection
  4. REX 4 Purchase Order #118999 PC Aviator

    There it is, that is the one I have been looking for as well, nice.

    I have it set to 2048x2048, I have made sure to preset all my in game settings prior to config editing

    hhhhmmm wonder whats going on then...... would setting my max texture load to 4096x4096 in my config make the runway textures look better?

    the preview picture looks so much better than what it looks like in game, is that true of all the textures, were those just renders?

    no problem, thanks to commuity help I was able to figure it out, does running as admin really affect the quality? The Taxi textures are great its just the runway ones that look lower quality.

    hhhmm interesting, I will set parameters to run as admin, and I got the Download Center to show up, I just had to make a backup profile.

    The download center pops up but I get nothing but empty space, its all white, I can flip through "pages" but nothing ever shows. As for the textures on the ground, I am wondering what resolution the runway/taxiway textures are, because the runways seem to be something like 1024x1024
  12. Pretty simple question, google has failed me for a direct answer..... aside from the clouds, will 4096x4096 textures affect REX's ground textures? Also whats up with the Download Center, is it supposed to be blank, and if so, what can we expect to see in the downloads section?
  13. This was a short little hop past mount McKinely in my C-90B, weather was pretty turbulent being in a mountain range with tons of clouds, thank god for TCAS & GPWS! No SCUD Running permitted here gotta punch though a "Wall of Death": This is what REX ESS+OD is all about: Bonus Picture - B200 SCUD RUN: These pictures are proudly brought to you by Turboprop Regional "Proud to be turboprop"

    Thanks Tim, just trying to get the most out of my Multiplayer experience.
  15. I have never used that program, however I do use FSPS Xtreme FSX PC V2 and its very good when you get the settings right, its also very easy to use and its only 10 USD.