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  1. rsm2000e added a post in a topic Licensing for triple PC triple monitor setup   

    Thanks Tim.  It's not hard to compliment REX.  I have always loved your stuff ... from way BACK in the day!
    GREAT looking!  VERY immersive!!
    AND the textures and lighting on the airports and such... WOW
    LOVE IT!
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  2. rsm2000e added a topic in General Discussion   

    Licensing for triple PC triple monitor setup
    Quick question for the REX team:
    Building triple PC triple monitor setup for Prepar3Dv3 - must I purchase REX w Softclouds three times for ONE simulator setup?
    I just want to be clear - using WideView, I believe I would need REX w Softclouds installed on ALL the display PCs (three in my case).
    Don't mind buying if I have to - but if its OK to run all three off one license, I'm not against saving a buck
    Thanks REX!
    GREAT PRODUCT by the way.  Pulled me right back to P3D from xPlane 10.
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  3. rsm2000e added a post in a topic Support Verification   

    Request Verification.

    I'm thrilled with REX OD HD- and Essential looks like a STUNNING world-class product.

    My order number is contained in my Signature line.

    Robert McDonald
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  4. rsm2000e added a post in a topic Rex Essential - Feature #7 - Part 3   

    How do I get 'verified'?
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