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  1. Phoenix - Las Vegas

    Fantastic set of shots!
  2. Spain airborn

    Thanks!Scenery FTX GlobalVector LC_EU, watch here fore some Spain free airports:

    Nice shots!
  4. Seneca radar

    Thanks Ebo, maybe in the future in the VC Ebo, but still handy to know the weather situation on your flightpath isn't it Thanks Rinus!
  5. Some radar flying

    Nope no framerate difference here. Got a medium system myself Bermuda, one tip: Frequently defrag! (Every day) Thanks for the comment.
  6. Seneca radar

    Real time real weather shots using REX weather engine.
  7. Some radar flying

    Thanks Ebo and Rinus!
  8. 182trip

    Thanks guys!
  9. 182trip

    A2A C182, with a EBO paint over spain heading La Coruna.
  10. Spain airborn

    Thanks guys!
  11. 2 Comanche

  12. Sunrise in the Pacific

    Great lighting and shots!
  13. Mountains high