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  1. Thanks bud! REX Sparkling, with FSWC. DX9!
  2. Thanks gents
  3. Flew from Juneau to Taku Lodge, which was awesome even though it was a LOOONG flight in the Cub. Enjoy! Thanks for viewing Taku Lodge by RTMM.
  4. Amazing!
  5. Thanks guys!
  6. Ooh, this issue can be resolved by making sure that there is a 'ROTOR' section within your .frc recording. Double check this by converting the .frc into a text and then adding it if it isn't there. Hope this helps! Great vid bud.
  7. Because the main purpose of flight simulation is to pilot hovercrafts and captain boats! Enjoy this set! A break from my usual sets of 'aviation' shots. Using CIRP and RTMM scenery for PFJ from Return to Misty Moorings. Ready for departure! Turnin' round. Finally on our way. These two don't seem to interested in me! At our destination! Woo! Along the wharf. Powering on our 'fan' (With Accu-Feel 2.0 ALS, this was one heck of an immersive experience - bouncing along the waves, water sounds etc.) Awesome boat! Lovely resort house! DOLPHINS! TURN! That's the end folks, hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for viewing.
  8. Some variety! Very nice
  9. Hehe nice story told my awesome pics!
  10. That third shot! Awesome set mate.
  11. Thanks for the compliments guys! Yeah that might be a good idea! Sparkling doesn't suit this area, and I might try your suggestion. Currently in the process of reinstalling REX so that might take a while. Thank you!
  12. Just bought SAK and had my first SAK flight! Flying in the T210M with some glorious summer weather. Parked at Skagway, ready to go! Turning onto the runway for takeoff. And we're up! What a lovely town. Summer and still snow! Have to get over this ridge.. c'mon... .... and yes! Little hut down there, seems someone has claimed that ridge! Are we there yet? How about now? We must be getting close! YES! We have arrived at Carcross, lunchtime! Thanks for viewing!
  13. Awesome!