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  1. Prop/Jet Engine Control Seperation

    Hey Travis, I use Saitek's yoke and 3 throttle quadrants ( 9 axis ) the profile editor software allows me to assign endless controller profiles to all my fleet and select any profile anytime. I would think your CH yoke and controls have something similer. Regards Buckman

    Must have utility, keeps on working, keeps on ticking and the REX TEAM well dedicated to there product. Thankx again Buckman/aka/Brian
  3. DX10 flickering taxi marks

    Very nice Paul J that kicked the hell out of that problem for me. Thankx Buckman
  4. Reinstalling FSX

    Arrrrr she be a great learnin curve captain.
  5. Reinstalling FSX

    Best to get FSX up and running and stable then install your add ons. Take your time then defrage and you are good to go.
  6. Almost there...almost.

    337 Wonderful choice
  7. Go back to REX support forum then to down loads / upgrades
  8. 3.5 2012 1029

    REX TEAM you guys ohhhhhh you guys !!! Do you have any idea what the hell you boys just did to the world of FSX. Well I do. To start how about a must have. REX Essential Plus W/Overdrive to FSX is like Butter is to Bread. Well Done Thankx Buckman
  9. Well done on the release.

    Outstanding job REX team you guys are no #1 in my book.
  10. REX Studios WOW!

    I concur members.
  11. JayKae Greatly appreciate all your hard work in running a truly wonderful and needed site. OZx image hosting site will be missed by many my friend. As for the pricks that ruined it for all of us well I am a firm believer that what comes around goes around and those brain dead losers will get theirs in the end !!! Regards Buckman .
  12. Howdy leo96 , after you install UTX run the GEX gui and you will see option GEX for UTX USA or CANADA, Then have GEX install selected options. Also if you run any FTX software switch FTX central to FSX default before installing GEX selected options.Then you can turn FTX central back to North America , Australia or Oceania. Regards Buckman
  13. Just 2 today

    Damn FSX + REX Rocks
  14. Moody Mooney at Manston

    Essentially beautiful son !!
  15. REX Clouds

    Very nice !! Looks like some kid crayoned trees over a HD picture of clouds in the sky. Well done Jeroen.