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  1. looks amazing, what area is this?
  2. QualityWings 146 & PMDG 737 Night flight, takeoff from LOWI Rainy shots, final on EHAM
  3. This looks cool. So it's a bit like fspassengers regarding the scoring system?
  4. Try using this tool, it's free and it does wonders. http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html
  5. > edited, wrong post
  6. What happened to simair in the meantime? Are you guys still working on it or is it being delayed? I suppose that some technology from Essential will be used in simair or vice versa? If you can give us a heads up, would love to know how it's progressing!
  7. Ok so I can stop refreshing
  8. hmm I keep refreshing hoping I'm first
  9. Always jealous when seeing screenshots like those Great ones.
  10. Beautiful shots, the first one is very cool!
  11. Decided this week to buy the VRS F18 superbug, what a beast! I'm still learning but I managed to make my first carrier landing in a flight simulator (maybe I'm lying here, I've probably did them before in Janes ATF and Us navy fighters ). Never really bothered with carrier landings, but now I really enjoy doing them. Also downloaded the T45, which is such a nice free jet!
  12. CLOSED

    Don't blame REX for doing it right. I'd rather wait for a release which is as bug free as possible than to install something which is only half baked. Yes yes, there are many companies out there that instead of releasing a stable version they release something which is actually in a beta state, but I don't think we should encourage such behaviour. Take your time REX
  13. Wow great news, looking forward to this!
  14. How is development going on simair? Anything to be revealed this week?
  15. Just makes me wonder why the makers of xplane don't contact the REX makers in the first place. REX should be standard. Why waste resources on trying to do it yourself if you know you can't do it well enough.