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  1. High Iron added a post in a topic Error with connect to REX 4 servers   

    Read the very top thread, the one highlighted in red. You will find your answer there.
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  2. High Iron added a post in a topic REX Essential   

    The butler did it...
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  3. High Iron added a post in a topic Prepar3d Platform   

    You would be correct Kees, the dreaded FSX "Menu" CTD. Prepar3D does not have this problem, and does not require thus far any .dll files to be dropped into the root folder. Very stable and solid platform.

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  4. High Iron added a post in a topic Rex Essential - In-Game Sound Preview   

    Will there be separate controls for the sound volume in internal and external views?

    I love the new sounds. The current level would certainly replicate exterior volumes but I too agree that the level is much lower inside an aircraft depending on type.
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  5. High Iron added a post in a topic Announcing REX Essential!   

    I see in the feature list, "- NEW integration allowing for special licensing and use with Prepar3D."

    Does this mean during the installation process there will be a prompt to install into Prepar3D, or will P3D users need to copy and move folders over etc.? I'm assuming the clue is in the use of the word "integration", but would like to confirm.
    Either way, thank you very much for this update, I'm very excited about the changes.

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  6. High Iron added a topic in General Discussion   

    REX2 and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
    I've been on the Lockheed Martin Prepar3D forum and it's been stated by one of the dev members that REX has been working on implimenting an installation of REX2 for Prepar3D.

    I just wanted to know if this will be an update for existing FSX users, or if this will be a separate stand alone product when it's made available?

    I've been making a dedicated move over to the Prepar3D platform for the last couple of weeks, but do very much miss my REX2.

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