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  1. FSX | Spirit Of Life

    Great video Jeroen!
  2. L-39 Albatros landing in Yekaterinburg X

    Thanks you two! This is my own ENB-Mod, in this video the bloom effect looks a little too exaggerated, but in "real" it isn´t.
  3. Maxflying7 Fsx-Pictures Part 5

  4. Maxflying7 Fsx-Pictures Part 5

    Thank you guys!! Yes Ebo, Clem is right, in this picture you can see Matekane Airstrip from Aerosoft's Dangerous Airports!
  5. Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Maxflying7 Fsx-Pictures Part 4 (SU-26 at Pecs)

    Thanks guys! @jreed: I use the ENB-Mod from ORBX
  7. Duke (Ess)

    Beautiful, Tom!
  8. Delta Md-81 In St. Maarten

    Thanks to all of you! @ Gert(Rick24): The grass is included with the airport of FlyTampa. @ Jan(SK-1323) and Ebo: In this case it is about the CLS MD-81, because it has a nice exterior model.
  9. In The Lockheed