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  1. Take your time guys this is going to be "BIG" can't wait.
  2. Very nice!!
  3. +2
  4. Hi Ebo Actually I'm using P3D v2. ..but your right the antialiasing sucks big time in v2. Thanks
  5. I believe thats a federal offense
  6. +2
  7. Rex4 + P3D v2 A beautiful morning over the Caribbean
  8. wow!!
  9. REX4 FSPS Order #532341
  10. Stunning!! Simply Stunning! Can't wait to see the San Juan to Fajardo area in Puerto Rico.
  11. Ones they see LM officials living the life......MS may reconsider by building a new an better platform of flying sim. But then again you talking about the 2nd richest man in the world. Guy's the new sim is here now to stay,,,, P3D v2 is the way to go and is only a few days old. I was addictive to FSX an my rehab is P3D v2,,, no way i'm going back. I can't wait two years from now. P3D v2 already has this option in the CFG....but is till buggy ....can't way for this!!
  12. I apologize. Yes I am absolutely using Shade. I just meant that the clouds look less like smoke when I let REX generate the weather vs. FSX. REX gives much thicker and bulbous clouds than FSX. Can anyone recommend a shader program other than Mogwaisoft's Shade for a DX10 user? Yes, the one and only Mogwaisoft's Shade for DX10. But i use "Marks Final" it look really good and a lot brighter
  13. The 172 is too slow for that beautiful paint job.... Now give that pain job to the F22 Raptor and would look amazing Great job!! Scott