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  1. And a great shot for sure Ebo!
  2. One very beautiful shot!
  3. Super amazing shots!
  4. WOW! Superb shots!
  5. Some super stuinning and great views here Dolf! Wonderful!
  6. Marvellous pictures Iain!
  7. This is a real beautiful and vivid shot! Great!
  8. Thank You very much for Your kind comments! It has been quite some time since i posted here at the REX forums the last time, but i am very much looking forward to change that! For now though and again: Thank You very much for Your kind comments! Cheers, Christoph
  9. Great shots - and the last one is absolutely amazing!
  10. Really like the new REX4 textures. I also still use some of the REX Essential OD textures occasionally and i really enjoy combining all these many great REX textures available nowadays. Certainly a great enhencement for the sim! Also a big "Thank You" for having made all the REX4 textures fully DX10 and DX11 compatible! Great work REX team! Cheers, Christoph P.S.: The sun used here is sitll a "classic" REX Essential OD texture. Going to try some newer textures out for it next time though for sure! ... just real lots to explore and try out now texturewise. ... okay: No clouds here, but i just liked the darker greyish silverish blue REX4 colour of the river here in this snowy and winterly environment.
  11. Superb shots and a real nice surprise!
  12. This is indeed a stunning livery and perfectly well captured here!
  13. WOW! Super atmospheric shots!
  14. These are real great shots Dolf!
  15. WOW! Smashing chopping shots here Dolf!