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  1. Brindabella ( work finished) LOL

    superb quality...
  2. Brindabella J41 (work finished!) Link

    Wow!! beauties as usual..
  3. Welcome to Boston

    agree with Ebo...well done..
  4. Lusaka to Lilongwe

    really fine shots Ebo, PROFLIGHT ZAMBIA colors really look nice...no. one especially
  5. Final approach to Athens

    Wow.. well done..
  6. Some shots over B.C. in my Seneca II

    Beautiful shots Ziggy, I love flying around that area...those are exceptional shots...
  7. Overly Edited

    Beauties Soya, I don't think they were over edited at all...just right...
  8. Early morning SE Australia run

    Beauties Alex...
  9. some REX weather

    thanks JTH and rsvette12 for your kind comments...
  10. some REX weather

    no problem, I agree about the cloud shadows and have been meaning to get rid of them myself.. water detail I always use the 'calm' look because I just don't like those big ocean waves on calm lakes or rivers - ruins the whole effect in my view.. thanks for the kind comments folks...
  11. A collection of shots.

    real beauties Iain...
  12. Staggie went to Nessie

    nice ones Dolf!!..and now we finally have proof that the monster really lives down there...
  13. beautiful shots Robert, my kind of sky...
  14. a couple more REX skies

    thanks FG and Tim,, no, not using ENB, actually just re-installed the sim so nothing yet but default airplanes, REX, and some of my ORBX stuff installed now....