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  1. FXAA vs Shade?

    I think you may be confused about something... FXAA is a shader based post-process anti-aliasing technique, Shade is a tool for modifying the contrast level of light to shadow within FSX. They're different tools for different purposes. If, by FXAA, you're actually talking about the "SweetFX" shader package which contains an FXAA shader, then they're still different things; as SweetFX is intended as an alernative to HDR post-processing tools like the ENBseries mod. You can use FXAA (or indeed SweetFX) right alongside Shade, as I do currently (I've ditched ENB in favour of SweetFX now - much more stable, less performance hit, no crashes.) Cheers, Derek
  2. FEATURE HIGHLIGHT # 4 - Latitude User Guide

    G'day guys, The manual's a great read, looking forward to giving this a whirl. Just some design feedback though... the manual could have been cut down to nearly half it's size by not repeating the exact same diagram over many consecutive pages... especially when said diagram occupies roughly 60% of the content space on the page; refer pages 18-31 for a good example but there are several others. A single numbered diagram would have sufficed. Cheers, Derek
  3. Thermals in REX Essential

    For decent thermal soaring in FSX, you want to head HERE and download yourself a copy of CumulusX. Cheers, Derek
  4. REX Essential Plus OD Manual

    Right here... Cheers, Derek
  5. P3D KORS to Anacortes Default

    Stunning shots, can't wait to get home over the weekend and install the update! Cheers, Derek
  6. Just one, turning on final for EHEH

    Stunning shot Kees!! More! Moooooaarrrrr!!!! Cheers, Derek
  7. The first P3D's!

    The D/L is 3 files, 2 at about 4GB and one at about 2GB, so 10GB all up Cheers, Derek
  8. The first P3D's!

    Nice one Kees, some great lighting in there mate. P3D delivers the goods, glad to see some more people beginning to get into it Cheers, Derek
  9. If you want severe weather tonight go here.

    Yeah all good Kees... didn't get much sleep last night listening to the tiles rattle on the roof and the fence groan and pop all night. No major damage in my area, though the roads were strewn with debris and fallen branches this morning. Got pretty hairy about 1am, but I think the storms over the weekend were worse, if much more highly localised. Lot of homes in Perth and SW WA still have no power, glad my area doesn't suffer those problems. Thanks for the concern Derek
  10. If you want severe weather tonight go here.

    Too busy battening down to get any flying done tonight 125kmh winds and heavy rain/hail supposed to be hitting in an hour or so. See you on the other side... Derek
  11. Holy Blue..with a touch of white

    Stunning shots Tom, a beautiful aircraft and amazing skies. Cheers, Derek
  12. How's the serenity?

    G'day all, A bit of a quickie this evening... after all the awful weather in Perth the past few days I was up for something a bit more relaxing. Tonight's flight has me over in PNW via Prepar3d for some nice quiet, scenic flying. Starting at dawn on the deck at Bowerman, I loaded up the Sierra for a VOR to VOR ferry flight down to Goheen via the HQM, AST and BTG VOR's in preparation for some scenic flying out around Mt St Helens I'm going to do soon. The weather was real, with data and textures provided by the REX:E wx engine. Only 5 pics this time, enjoy the flight! Climbing out from Bowerman towards the HQM VOR, heading for an altitude of 5,500' for this flight. Beautiful conditions for an early spring morning flight - a gentle WNW at about 5kts, great visibility and very little cloud anywhere near the airfield. Looking up Grays Harbour past Hoquiam and up to the Chehalis River. I love the textures that have been added to the water around here, they're a real standout. Established in cruise and pretty well flying hands off at this point. Gotta love that landing light effect that Ant included in the Sierra, is better than the Shockwave lights in a lot of ways. Cruising down towards Astoria, checking out the weather to the East. The first bit of Cumulus for the flight, just east of Astoria, there were about 3 clouds and then nothing... smooth sailing (well, flying) all the way to Goheen. More to come as I catch up on some exploration around PNW. Cheers, Derek
  13. Dirty weather in West Oz

    Thanks for the feedback guys Sure thing John, I've just uploaded the theme I typically use as "WarpSpider's Theme #1." The textures in the above were chosen by REX, but the wave texture was definitely "Sparkling" and the water colour is from my modified theme. Aside from that, I use Shader3.0 with a very slightly modified Waterconstants.xml file, Shade, and good old ENB with my bastardised version of Tim's Sunlight palette. I'm hanging out for REX:E:OD so I can get back some of the really good wave textures Cheers, Derek
  14. Which one looks better?

    #2, much better contrast. Cheers, Derek
  15. Canopy

    Wow! Very different shot mate, I love it. Cheers, Derek