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    Hi Tim Hope alls well with you! All ok with verification, but still have issue with updating REX to latest build. Have re submitted a request here Many thanks John

    dooh!!... Just seen I am verified.. old age!
  3. Hi guys, Been away for a long time but back now in the interest of P3Dv3 I am having trouble with service pack updating, but in order to post support, I need to be verified. I thought I verified my account ages ago. It is now showing im not. My troubles are I cant update to latest service pack for my REX textures direct. My build is 0115 and I am trying to update to 0818. When I go to install, the only option this gives me is to modify, repair or remove REX. I have tried both modify and repair (because I dont want to remove the program).... but I am still stuck on version 0115 and cant go any further. Really frustrating and any help would be so appreciated Many thanks John
  4. Excellent video... no doubt about it, regardless of weather engine used, REX Soft Clouds are real winners!
  5. For me, the most important part of the sim is the immersion and realism. With REX Soft Clouds I really think you get that true volumetric feel. Taking off from Milford Sound, the challenge is set quite high through the first phase of climb out as the real weather generated here is very cloudy and overcast. I follow the valley out to the sea to gain some altitude before turning round so I am high enough to clear those mountains. Once above the clouds in the later part of the video, I can’t believe my eyes by what I see with the peaks of the mountains being wrapped with those amazing clouds! Couldnt have it any other way now... Soft Clouds truly are the best there is! Please try to watch this video in its entirety at full resolution
  6. Thank you....and to you too Tim. Hope you and your family are having the most wonderful Christmas!
  7. Well, this was a fantastic surprise...and for 10 bucks, was one too hard to resist. Installation went well... fired up P3D 2.4 and was instantly wowed just how much these add to the realism in flying through real clouds. A job well done guys!... how could I ever doubt you anyhow! Cheers John Edit - Those that dont see a download link immediatly.... be patient. You will recieve it within a few minutes after purchasing it
  8. A very chilled video here showing this amazing landscape in P3D 2.4 )
  9. Lovely shots... really natural Sent from my Fisher Price 'My First Smartfone' with Mars Bar Tapa-gibberish
  10. My first shot at full video editing and this stuff is addictive to say the least! Shot over Orbx's Scotland scenery, this has been a project thats always been in my mind. I think the music and lyrics fit the scenery quite well
  11. Thanks so much guys for your comments
  12. Amazed with this level of clouds and weather, that P3D runs perfectly! REX4 sets the perfect backdrop to make the whole thing come together
  13. And the effect in the VC!