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    Not in my message box.....

    Did so.....
  3. After hibernating for almost 3 years (sim-wise that is) I decided to "fire up the FSX box" and reinstall the goodies along with "ye old simulator" from M$oft... Couldn't help checking out my old forum so to speak, but wheeez, Tim and Reed haven't been hibernating! What a load of stuff... I feel silly with my Essential + OD.... Anyway, how'd y'all doing over here? Still some of the old folks hanging out here or are the cubicles at REX HQ cleared of silly old brats like me? Looking forward to comm. with some of you again and just wait for my support questions - they'll be hard to crack!! Kees Z.
  4. Tom, does FSX control that little plane too?
  5. Nice set Pete, been doing that trip too some years ago, only took a hotel closer to Milford. I did hate the sandflies out there though...
  6. Pete is flying with bitching Betty!! nice set, don't fly to close to that tower, I was up there once!!!
  7. You still need smoke Doogie, even if it comes from a jet exhaust!!!
  8. Hoovering over the aprons and gates? They will love you for that Jeroen!! Very nice video, well done!
  9. The clapping!!!! Great video, nice colors and great detail!!
  10. Nice vid Pete, great clouds and sky colors. Are we looking at FS9 or P3D?

    Hi, no it will not work that way! Pls read the manual on the proper procedures. In short: you cannot change REX settings within the FSX menus!
  12. Have a lot of things happening the way you planned them and a lot of things happening to you and your loved ones that you didn't plan but work out benificial!!
  13. Thxs!!!