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  1. Alabeo 172

    Oh nice, didn't know they had a Cutlass. Good angles there too.
  2. REX4 and some default scenery

    Great product. Improves FSX quite a bit with just bare bone stuff. Only got stock scenery on, and no emb.
  3. Flight1 B200 world tour

    Just bought this plane because of your screenshots Finally a B200 with the fidelity of the old Aeroworx one, with a g1000 no less
  4. The Big E

    Oooh, where did you get the boat?
  5. :(

    Yeah I just don't get it. I would have chosen him on the spot if I were watching the auditions.
  6. Medical Emergency

    Nice. Where did you get the helicopter?
  7. Ed Force One

    Great shots. I've seen this paint in real life once. It really has some neat artwork.
  8. Beware the Shenyang!

    Great shots!
  9. Scarry Fly

    Nice shots Artur I'm not sure where you are flying, but FSX, and in most countries generally, you want to fly even flight levels heading westbound in that kind of airspace. Choose FL340 or FL320
  10. This Thing Is Just Too Cool!

    Flying beer can
  11. Debrecen

    Clem, these are fantastic shots.
  12. Andy Yiu Iris Mig 29 (FSX shot but FS9 model)
  13. P-46 Malibu CYCD Northwest flight

    Cool shots. I'm currently at the real YCD on vacation
  14. Beautiful New Zealand

    Hi, thanks for the comment. I'm embarassed to say that I don't know too much about NZ outside of flight simulator, and actually don't know too many of the attractions either. I only happened towards the Milford Sound scenery that was released a few days ago, and thought it looked very pretty. I had a Lord of the Rings map a while ago that showed kind of the more beautiful areas around South Island that they used for the films, and sometimes it's worth checking some places out that way (it's easy to find it via google). The shots I have here are more or less just the beautiful country on a random flight from Nelson to Milford . Very nice looking VA there by the way.