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  1. Hi Guys. Could I get verified, please. Thanks for all the continuing goodness. You guys rock!
  2. Timely use of The Monkeys as a soundtrack. I used to love going to lunch at Hooters with the gang from work. Always delicious. Even the food.
  3. Send my regards to the Vulcans.
  4. Ah. New coat of paint and she'll be good as new.
  5. What is that, like maybe a Hayes SmartModem II ?
  6. "Yaw dropping colors!!" Quite the yoke there Kees.
  7. Minor point, but don't use Artic Silver. Use OCZ Freeze. Silver has metal in it and is said to have to be re-done periodically. Neither is the case with OCZ Freeze. Better thermal transfer, safer, and no do-overs. I'm an intel fan, too, and also curious on the Xeon choice, although your argument isn't too left field. Be sure you get a motherboard that supports ECC memory and can be overclocked if you want best performance.
  8. Yes, BUT - and sorry to ammend your answer, Tim, because you 'da man! - there is NO X-Plane 10 version of REXPlane. If you have X-Plane 9, you've got REX for that, but NOT X-Plane 10. I still hold out hope that you guys at REX will be able to get in there and clean up the cloud mess in XP10. The new XP10 clouds aren't bad but the new Wx engine in XP10 is an extreme frame killer!
  9. Like others, I got really fixated on that Portland shot. Now I'm not going to go so far as to say I got as fixated as I do on a pair of... oh hell, I can't finish that sentence, now can I? (schleps off to Orbx to get boobs, 'er... um, I mean Portland. sheesh!)
  10. I got "The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."
  11. Excellent!
  12. Excellent vid, Johnny!

    You make a good point, Kees. I've never been big on constraint. It's highly overrated any way. Any yet, I'm at a loss as to how to re-install all this REX goodness, so I think I'm just going to have to barf my way through a few flights with default FSX skies till Essential comes along. Now where did I put that barf bag?
  14. Nice build! I agree about EVGA. I had to return my GTX285FTW when it failed very early on, if not right out of the box. Went with MSI when I got my 2GB GTX560TX-Ti. Very happy with it and I'll continue to watch MSI as a possible preferred vendor. I only went through one RMA cycle with EVGA, and they were nice enough about it, just don't really think it should have happened in the first place.
  15. Excellent paint!