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  1. Ah, the ever elusive lightning strike shot! Very cool!
  2. Great set, the more you experiment with this great product, the more fun you will have!
  3. Simply outstanding, wow! Watch out for a bird strike there...
  4. Well done Ebo! Love the lighting in these
  5. It's about to get bumpy out there!
  6. Man...these last few days of shots from you are the gold standard - incredible lighting and composition! Simply brilliant.
  7. Yet another stunning set of shots, - truly excellent Dolf!
  8. just.......WOW!
  9. First shot gets standing ovation!
  10. Your color palette is so amazing, - great shots!
  11. Love the formation shots, makes flying in FSX not so lonely~!
  12. Superb!
  13. Love the 3D-ness of shot #2 Tom!
  14. Hey Eric, - where exactly is the battery located on that plane again....? :-) Great shots, love the second in particular!
  15. Wow, third and fourth shot = utter stunners!