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  1. Forgive my ignorance, but what is DXT1 and where do I find it to implement it?
  2. Thanks for your response Dan but as there have been some very goood comments on the K series Ivy Bridge processors and nVida, it appears , is a step ahead of the opposition with the 600 series cards, I am still keen to get the latest CPU and GPU. My current rig has a Intel Quad Core processor @ 2.83GHz and an nVida 9880GTX @ 1024 Mb. I want my new rig to be as up to date as possible. It won't be long before the new rig will be outdated anyway. At my age it may well be my last rig.
  3. I am going to be getting a new rig for FSX but my research to date indicates that existing Motherboards have not yet caught up with the latest Ivy Bridge processors let alone allow nVida's drivers to mature with the still to be released 685 series card to come. So, if I download Essentials Overdrive on it's release will I have to pay for another download later. At the moment I am caught between my desire to enjoy what Essentials has to offer and my intention to upgrade to a better system for FSX and all addons. Your cmments on my predicament please.
  4. Whether we have high end rigs or like myself not so high end many of us, I am sure , want to know the minimum specifications recommended for Essentials. Could we have some feedback on this as soon as practicable please. I note that Tim's post indicates that in spite of greater complexity the weather engine appears to be less of a drain on frame rates. I hope I did not misinterpret the comments in the post on this point.
  5. Your guess is as good as mine but I would be prerared to suggest that any program update as far reaching as Essential appears to be will probably entail an uninstall of REX as you know it with an installation of Essential. In the meantime run Overdrive, it will certainly give you a fell for where they are heading with Essentials...well to some extent anyway.
  6. Hi Tim. Just logged on and saw your reply. Many thanks, on my way to "free stuff " now. I never cease to be amazed by what you and your crew do for your customers
  7. Tim, what with your screenshots of the B58 in this post and DonaldX's posted screenshots of the Tiger Moth in REX Essentials livery, I am prompted to ask if it would be possible to get a library of sorts containing repaints of various repaints ( skins ) of REX aircraft with various registrations to cover the many countries in which we fly. I suspect that, like many, I do not have Paintshop Pro or similar, let alone the talent to use it. The " skin " Tim did some time ago for the Orbx Lancair was a cracker. How about it Tim? Anyone else?
  8. First it was Tim with the B58 now your Tiger Moth in the REX Essentials repaints. Love them
  9. Awesome shots, imaginewhat you will able to do once Essentials has been released.
  10. It justs gets better and better with every post you publish for Essentials! Soon please!
  11. Wouldn't it be ironic if essentials was released on the 29th. I know what I would download first and it wouldn't be another sim. I suspect we will be experimanting with Essentials rather than fiddle around with a limited sim, limiited both geographically and aircraft wise.
  12. Simply awesome shots. You will have to give us some advice on the various settings of these shots so we can emulate them. And it seems to be very close.
  13. I am not sure if I need to post here as it seems from my member particulars that I am verified. However I thought I would check as, with this many seeking verification, I do not want to be left out in the cold. Also, where do I get that cool " Essentials " logo?
  14. timest999 thanks for your response. Like so many I wait for the release of Essential with great interest.
  15. I agree with funnelpond, a lot to take on board. Will there be a manual for REX Essentials?