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  1. FXAA vs Shade?

    I've been having an issue with fxaa and fs real time. It seems everytime i switch between fxaa and default fsx using the pause break button to see the difference in the effect, my fs real time auto updates itself. I have fs real time set not to auto update on FSX menu access and disable FSX "pause on task switch" but nothing seems to prevent fs real time from auto updating everytime i hit the pause break key. Any ideas?
  2. Last flight with ENB

    Are there any recommended setting for FXAA?
  3. FXAA vs Shade?

    Thanks for the clarification
  4. FXAA vs Shade?

    Which is better?
  5. Random shots with FXAA

    What is FXAA,never heard of it, is it worth it?
  6. Looking for DA-40 and/or DA 20

    Anyone know where I can purchase a good high quality DA40 and DA20 a/c?
  7. I just want to fly

    I have the same question. I read the manual and it isn't clear if the textures are loaded based on weather or if they are truly "random" as the manual describes. I suspect that REXE being a weather/texture engine that the textures do indeed reflect the current weather conditions. Tha'ts my assumption but haven't been able to verify if this is the case using FSX and REXE. I just know that it isn't clearly stated in the manual. I believe the questioned may have been answered in the forums already, but I'm not sure.
  8. I have UT2 installed and use it maxed out for traffic, except the generic repaint Daeldus. In FSX traffic there are setting for aviation traffic. If I reduce the amount of Airline traffic density to 0%, will this affect the UT2 traffic settings? The question also applied to the General aviation density setting in FSX. Basically I want to use UT2 for all my traffic without using any traffic that is generated within FSX with the exception of the Airport vehicle density setting. Thanks all in advance. Happy flying!!
  9. Multi-monitor question

    The auto hot key script works great for what i want. It doesn't have all the other modules with it, just full screen, that's it. That's perfect.
  10. Multi-monitor question

    No still not working, still getting the error message about the invalid hot key. I changed it like the manual says for the ATC show/hid, but in the program it shows win+ with the tilde. I think thats wrong because the only key to press is the tilde key, why set it up using win +? Just read up on the autohotkey that was posted. I'll think I'll try that, seems to do the same thing as fs simtizer does without the head aches.
  11. Multi-monitor question

    Why use the autohotkey, if the fs simtizer does it? I'm using an HDTV that's 1920x1080, but my resolution on my FSX is lower. Could that be why i get the black screen and flickering between windowed and full?
  12. Multi-monitor question

    Besides that my settings wont save. I'll keep tinkering with it. My screen goes black for a few minutes then comes back up, not good if you ask me.
  13. Problem with ILS Approaches

    any particular site or do you have a recommendation?
  14. Multi-monitor question

    I tried it, my screen flickered like crazy, wnet black, dissappeaared, came back, i couldn't move the windows as the manual described and i keep gettin some line error invalid atc key.
  15. Multi-monitor question

    I read the link you posted, seems like it would work for what i want to do. Since I run in windowed mode, it's easy to push other windows onto my screen, like the nav log. I wonder if i can move the radios to second monitor. Do you use this software. Are there any screenshots posted of it on the net?