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  1. Happy Birthday, Ricky!

  2. not sure if I have been validated so here it goes!!!
  3. That was the worst case of tourettes syndrome I have ever seen!!!!
  4. I agree! frozen lakes would be awsome! We canadians are used to frozen lakes! CG-1976 more so than I as I live in vancouver, but I still love the look of the land when it's all white and clean!
  5. Wow, thats bizzare! I was wondering how long it will be until someone came up with this idea! Leave it to REX to pull it off. You guys are amazing!
  6. That last one takes the cake!!! beauty!!!
  7. Great shots!!! Happy birthday too!!
  8. Great shot!! the only thing I hate about REX is that I get distracted from my cockpit duties by looking at all the great views!
  9. lets go with simply amazing!!! This program just blows me away. My best experiences are just as the sun goes down on a fair weather day! The beauty part is when real time weather is in use, I live in vancouver bc, the weather changes here by the hour, so you get a little bit of everything! Fraser Valley flights are allways a treat. czbb-cyhe is a fun vfr flight.
  10. Tim

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY (well late one) Tim. All the best!!!!!
  11. It's a red neck condo!!! they pay their strata fees in empty beer cans and deer meat